Saturday, April 4, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

I have always loved Valentine's Day.
Even when I was single...
I just love to love!
And I especially
  these people...........
Kimi had a precious Valentine's Day 
party that was a tea
party with your doll!
So thankful for this precious friendship
that began at Mrs. Janice's:)
Robin sent me this on Valentine's Day.
I hope my girl has true friends like 
this all the days of her life...
Walker attended a birthday party
that day for a friend so after 
the two bigs came home from their 
parties, it was time for some 
Valentine's Day SuRPRiSeS!  
The big bear was from her Daddy:)
These three ARE my heart.  
Sweet Girl had wrapped me a present
from just her.  She had been shopping
with Jersi and her mom earlier that week
and they had bought me something:)
THE cutest necklaces!!!!!
My girl has the sweetest, best heart.
So do Jersi and Cora:)
Troy and I always have a little
contest over who gives the best goes by content,
what is written inside and price;)
I think I won this year;)
Daddy had requested a certain 
picture to be framed for his office at work:)
And we surprised him with some
Very Sexy Cologne;)
My Everything in One Picture:)
Then it was off to Walker's 
basketball game with my 
new jewelry on of course!!! :)
Sweet Grandmother came!  
While Troy and Walker went to the
batting cages, we went to get ice cream!  :)
After the game we went to Grandmother
and Papa's.  This little girl 
should be playing basketball!!!
She's actually pretty good!
Then the real player showed up!
AND of course my other boys, too!
There was baseball, basketball
and football all going on at once;)
Hudson going out for a pass...
It was a like a three ring circus
that my parents and I were enjoying:)
It's dangerous how hard Walker hits that ball!
Then Grandmother had to join in!
I dared Troy to make a very far 
basket and he wouldn't stop trying!
He kept taking off his 
rings, then his watch, then his shirt.
He was determined to make this shot.
We were rolling!!!
Next thing we knew 
all the boys had their shirts off!!!;)
And Troy's shot hit the back 
of my car and messed up my
wind shield wipers!  ha!
I think there is a picture of all 
the grand kids shooting at this basket
(and one of me!).
Action Shot!  :)
We finished off our Valentine's Day
at Freddy's with the whole fam:)
It was a perfect day spent with the people
 I treasure the very most in this world.

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