Tuesday, April 14, 2015

40 with Friends :)

For months and months, Troy 
has talked about hosting a birthday 
party for my 40th.  I kept joking that
he couldn't pull it off because I have
too many friends and I don't want
anybody to get their feelings hurt!  ha!
But I was actually kinda serious. 
I am BLESSED beyond my wildest
dreams in the "friend" department.  

I finally agreed to letting him set
up a "girls night" with my dearest
friends that I'm with the most 
as of late.  He even ordered me a CAKE!
A super duper cute cake for it!!!
I was so excited when I saw it!!!
My sweet, handsome husband
got the numbers for my closest 
friends from my phone and texted them 
about a birthday dinner for me.
How cute is that?!?
It was so funny to hear how it all
went down after the fact because he texted
 them, heard back from them, got it all
set up...then Walker nonchalantly
says, "Our choir concert that was 
cancelled got moved to Monday, March 2nd."
THAT's the date Troy had set up
the birthday dinner with all my girls for!
SOOOOOO, he had to start 
texting them all AGAiN!
I can't believe he just didn't quit
at that point!!!!!!!!!!!
I love him.
And my friends love him, too.  
I didn't know who all was able
to come so it was fun seeing 
each person as they got there.
I love these ladies:)
My 40th with Friends :)
This crazy waiter kept
us entertained ;)
Then since I was so happy 
to have my sweet friends
at my "party", I took a selfie
with each one:)
Gotta do the Sheka Shake!  ;)
Love me some Ang:)
Haley especially loved these (;
All of the above pictures are my 
dear friends that I've made through
Walker!!!  Isn't that crazy?  Mom friends:)
Many that go all the way back to 
Pre-K and Kinder, some baseball
and then a few through football.
Blessed, Oh So Blessed!
We hold each other accountable
and look out for our boys ...
from serious stuff, to tests, to
who is going to make their son
tuck in their shirts for the upcoming 
choir concert or not;)
I love each of them.  

My absolutely precious and wonderful
and best teacher friends also came. 
I love my team so much.
God knew I needed these young 
girls in my life on the daily.
They are the real deal and I'm
so thankful for them every single day.
And last but certainly not least, 
my Kelli G!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love and know this girl as if 
she were my own flesh and blood.
My longest, best, dearest, 
knows me better than anyone friend.
We are both 40 now and really 
working on smiles that don't 
show our wrinkles ;)
LOL!  She is my funniest friend.
We get each other's humor and 
someday Brian and Troy might
get our humor, too! ;)
I loved this night so much!!!
I have INCREDIBLE friends near and far
from ALLLLL stages of my life.  
I wish I could have had my NaNa's, my Hoodies
and many others there.  God has been 
so good to me with friends!!!  
I could write about each one of these
friends and how much I love them.  
40 is FuN with FRieNDS!!!!
Tri City Football LOVE!
Sheka was a riot at my party!!!!!
My friends keep my 
heart FULL at Forty!!!!!!!!!
I am so very thankful
for my friends at forty:)

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