Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring Break!

Let me just be honest ~
Spring Break started with brownies
for breakfast;)
AND to even be MORE honest,
Spring Break did NOT involve
a lot of hair washing;)
Troy was giving me a hard time
about that.  And apparently so was Walker!
Rainy Spring Break Day
with my favorite little man
and my favorite kitty cat umbrella
(a gift from a lady in my mother's 
Sunday School class to Hadlee,
but Hadlee thought the cats were "weird"!)...
Visiting the Keeton's BEAUTIFUL new home!!!
LOTS of art and playing school:)
I worked out.
BUT sent this to Troy to prove it. 
Lots of friend time!  :)
Crazy BOYS, too!!!!!!
But this is how we feel
when Walker AND Hadlee spend the 
night away with friends :(
Hudson was THRiLLeD
(and obsessed!) with this 
announcement from Texas A&M!
Fun lunch date with the moms,
boys and these precious girlies! 
This kid started practicing baseball!
We had some fun playing
basketball at the Millers.......
We hit up Magnolia again:)
HAD to have a shirt to show our support!  ;)
Being back at the Millers' Farm for 
baseball practices has been FUN...
although we miss them playing ball with us. 
Kristi and I in the farm truck
was a hoot!!!
Her fave:  a Freddy's Sundae!
Sweet Girl loves to do art work...
Sweet boy just loves hanging with Mommy:)
He's such a fun little side kick...
and we love to do selfie exchanges 
with our Haley Girl;)
Football & Gymnastics & Baseball
Painting with our OWN Twist;)
Spring Break 2015
was simple and perfect :)

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