Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Teacher Story

One morning I found this on my desk...
"Dear Mrs. Pierce,
I am truly sorry about breaking your Eiffel Tower globe.
I was messing with your pictures when I should
have not been.  I picked up a picture and it fell 
on the globe and knocked it onto the floor.  I left
the room out of fear of getting in trouble.
I should have confronted you yesterday.  
I take all the blame and I am willing to make 
up for it.  Again I am very sorry that 
I broke it and I hope that you accept
my apology.
God bless this young man's heart!
He went and bought me an Eiffel Tower
AND a necklace as part of his apology.
  What a young man!
The fact that he felt guilty over
this AND went shopping with his own
money to buy me something?
Are you kidding me?!?  
I explained to him that a note
or just him telling me what happened
would have been perfectly fine.  
And he knew that....
this really showed the character
of a student who had already won
me over much earlier in the year!
I love my students.
They never cease to amaze me
and sometimes shock me;)  

Friday, July 24, 2015

In the Full Swing of Things

Hadlee's class with the Marco's Pizza Guy:)
My Sweet RoRo sent me this one day.
I miss her right down the way so, so much.  
T-Ball Practice with Coach Walker!
Seriously.  Brothers.  Melt.  
Hudson LOVES baseball!
I can't even:)
So proud of our little Slugger!
This girl out there doing the 
dreaded minute bridge (which 
she hates! ha) has had an awesome
gymnastics season...
She & Kate both!
I love taking them to gymnastics:)
Especially when they are in 
adorable pocket tee's! 
My Cute Catcher!!!
Walker catching with Jonah at bat!!!
Our favorite girl's softball game!!!
So very proud of our Haley Girl:)
One afternoon my team of teachers
was meeting at Chuy's.  Hadlee was at
dance and Troy was out of town
so these two tagged along.  They had 
their own booth & Hudson had my
phone to occupy him.  
Well, this happened!!!!!!! ;)
Every Wednesday after school, a sweet 
mom hosts K-Life!  We have a huge group.
Walker loves it!!!  This was my view
driving off after drop off. 
Bonding over sports & the Bible.
It works:) 
Another A fancy, new bat for my boy!!!
This kid works so hard, 
he deserved it!!!!
Hitting the ball is this boy's THiNG!
So handsome:)
Her.  I love her.  
My mother still loves for me to send
her a selfie from school in the morning;)
This kid would practice ball all the time
if we let him (or if we'd sit out there 
and watch and cheer for him!)
Early Saturday morning walk with
this guy and his sister on fake crutches;)
There couldn't be a better
shopping partner!!! :)
Mr. Happy Hudson
He is my heart and soul.  
Ryker's Birthday Party :)
Just call me Miss RePurpose Pierce ;)
This was the before & after......
Addy and Haddie and their
silly videos!  Two peas in a pod:)
Saturday evening ball game in the hood!
Jalayne and I had to show everyone
our former All-Star talents!!!
Hudson was HILARIOUS at catcher.
First of all because he likes to give
signs AND that he kept pretending to 
ask for a new ball from the "ump"
every time our ball hit the ground.
The kid doesn't miss a beat.  
The big kid had my phone
and was making FuN of his
All-Star Mama!!!!!!!!!!
Hudson was sweaty gross after the game!!!
Daddy was out of town so 
it was to Freddy's we went!  
Wonder where Daddy was?!?
Look who came to help me 
in Sunday School:)
My sweet, sweet extra girl!!!
Sunday after church & lunch at the PaRK...
Only one in my group seemed
willing to participate in a photo shoot;)
 She is the perfect subject:)
 Their laughter and their smiles...
 It's what makes my world go around!
 Glad Cade was with us:)
 Make a wish, sweet boy:)
 I am a blessed mama.  That is Fo Sho!
These two are cutie pies:)
So thankful for Hadlee's precious friends...
Like Sweet Ally:)
Life is much better when 
Daddy's in town though...
Some days I just make my kids stop
to let me take their picture.  Sweet Girl
was leaving for school and she looked
so grown up:(
This guy is just always so pumped
to go to baseball practice!!!
Especially with his favorite coach:)
Coach Pierce does A LOT of double
duty.  Running over to coach Hudson's 
practice then rushing over to coach
Walker's game!!!  He's the man!
I got to take my stud muffin
to his game this time:)
If he wasn't behind the plate at catcher,
he was at third base...
Sometimes in between tball and baseball,
one of us has to rush over and grab
Hadlee at dance;)  
Her precious teacher helpers
(Madi & Claire) and sweet friends!
Love seeing this crew coming
out of RVI.  Preslie, Jonah, Walker!
Quite the trio:)
Cutie pie couple at school:)
Here I go!!!
Life in full swing is a 
very, very good thing:)