Friday, July 10, 2015

Happy 9th BIRTHday, Hadlee!

As for a birthday theme,
we just went with fun, happy colors:)
Her birthday fell on a Saturday this year,
so they called her up on stage the day
before at school to celebrate her!
It was also supposed to be her
track day......
I love this school and their celebrations!
She is loved SO WELL at South Bosque.
What a treat that Mrs. Bain was 
on stage that morning:)
Such a FuN atmosphere!!!
My Sweet, Precious Little Girl...
Precious, fun, sweet third grade girlies!!!  :)
She's a little bit of Heaven on earth...
A very fun morning:)

The fun continued in the classroom
where I sent white sprinkle donuts!!!

Due to some rainy weather,
the track day had to be postponed :(
So, Grandmother, Hudson and I surprised
Hadlee and Jersi with Bush's! 
These two.
They are something else.
They have so much fun together.
Silly & Sweet & Sassy.
Love them so much:)
Thank the Good Lord for a 
precious best friend for my precious girl:)
Grandmother loves her little girl!
I loved this day.

On Saturday, April 25th, 2015...
my little NiNE year old woke up!!!
Sweetest little sleepy head in the world...
How could this even be?!?  :(
This sack was from 
Johnny ManzELF?!????!!!!!!!!
Aunt Cindy had found this for Hadlee...
Who knew that the Elf would
come out for birthdays, too!!!
Her special day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But with a crazy brother always looming;)
The life of a middle sister;)
But she's got it made being 
our one and only SWEET girl!!!
But of course both brothers
had baseball games on HeR day!!!
That sort of thing doesn't phase 
Hadlee though.  She's always so happy
for others...especially her brothers:)
Heading to Walker's game first...
had to have McDonald's bacon
and pancakes on the way!!!

After two ball games, it was back
home and time to open more presents!
May she always KNoW
and BeLieVE this truth!!!
Let's go CeLeBRaTe our Haddie Cakes!!!!!!
Sweet Girl chose a family 
party at Fuddruckers of course:)
See what I mean about a crazy
brother always looming around;).....
Our sweet friend, Lisa, at the 
Cookie Company pulled off
yet another PeRFeCT cake for 
our sweet girl!!!!!!
THIS GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!
We love love love her SO much!!!!!!!!!
More Presents!!!
Daddy wasn't so sure about these bikinis;)
She's all about the Nike shorts these days...
AND rompers! 
My Little Trendy Girl:)
She's been wanting this for a long
time for her room!!!
AND this:)
Happiest little girl in the world!
Your brothers adore you, Hadlee McCall!
She will always be my one and only girl:)
AND of course Daddy's Girl:)
We had a great time celebrating
our Hadlee all day and night!
"Sexy, Sassy Sisters" as they 
call themselves;)
Trav & I told Dad we were going
to take a "selfie" and Dad acted
like he knew what we were talking about!;)
Sister had mail to open late that night:)
Love from Mr. V!
And Papa Jack & Granny...
We loved every second of this sweet day!
This little girl has JOY deep, deep down
in her heart.  She's a sweet soul
with a giggle that could melt anyone.
She laughs so hard that tears roll
out of her eyes.  She's full of spunk
and sweetness and sass and sensitivity.
She truly is everything I would have
chosen in a little girl.
I thank God for her every single day.
May your 9th year be a blessing to 
everyone you come into contact with,
to your friends,
to your family and to yourself!

We love love love you!!!!!!:)

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mackyton said...

Just fabulous post! I am glad that you shared so many photos from her birthday party. I really liked watching all these pictures. I just purchased a cute dress for my niece who will turn 5 in the next week. The birthday party will be organized at one of the local kid’s party halls in Los Angeles.