Thursday, July 2, 2015

She Turned Nine

NiNE years old 
This girl is everything I would have picked 
in a daughter had I been given the choice.
 She's sweet, sassy, sensitive, studious, and sincere. 
She dances and she tumbles. 
She is crazy about her daddy 
and thinks her brothers hung the moon 
(most of the time). 
She's the best little friend I've ever had💗
 But most of all lately, I love her JoY.
She is the most excited, 
happy person for OTHERS 
Her brothers, her friends, her teachers, 
the cafeteria workers at her school, 
her mama, her daddy, most everyone! 
She is just HaPPY for others. 
I love love love that about her 
and hope she never loses that joy! 
I just know Jesus has a special 
hold on my little girl and 
for that I am ever so thankful! 
A little bit of Heaven on Earth...
Hadlee McCall
April 25, 2006

When I think about her JOY,
I think about moments like these...
watching her daddy and brothers race go-karts.
She didn't want to do it so she had
to wait and wait and wait while
they did.  Yet, look at her!!!
She was more excited than they were:)
Or when I'm leaving the cafeteria 
after having lunch with her on 
her birthday, two custodians/cafeteria
workers come up to me that I've 
never met before.  They ask me if
I'm Hadlee's mom?  They can barely
speak English, but they are
so kind to tell me how much
they love Hadlee and how she's
such a sweet, sweet girl.
This meant more to me than any
grade or award or accomplishment. 
This is her heart.  
Happy 9th Birthday to our
Beautiful Baby Girl....


snekcip said...

Truly she is BEAUTIFUL both INSIDE AND OUT!!! Happy 9th Birthday Hadlee!!

snekcip said...

Came back to add : These pictures are just PRECIOUS!!! What a keepsake!!