Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Teacher Story

One morning I found this on my desk...
"Dear Mrs. Pierce,
I am truly sorry about breaking your Eiffel Tower globe.
I was messing with your pictures when I should
have not been.  I picked up a picture and it fell 
on the globe and knocked it onto the floor.  I left
the room out of fear of getting in trouble.
I should have confronted you yesterday.  
I take all the blame and I am willing to make 
up for it.  Again I am very sorry that 
I broke it and I hope that you accept
my apology.
God bless this young man's heart!
He went and bought me an Eiffel Tower
AND a necklace as part of his apology.
  What a young man!
The fact that he felt guilty over
this AND went shopping with his own
money to buy me something?
Are you kidding me?!?  
I explained to him that a note
or just him telling me what happened
would have been perfectly fine.  
And he knew that....
this really showed the character
of a student who had already won
me over much earlier in the year!
I love my students.
They never cease to amaze me
and sometimes shock me;)  

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