Friday, October 31, 2008

Just Tricks, No Treats...Yet!!!

Does this sweet thing scare you?!?

Well, I don't have Halloween pictures to post YET!
Too tired from Tricking and Treating...but
seeing as though my kids have been wearing
their costumes any chance they could get (until
I finally hid them!), I do have some pics!!!

STOP my post right here...are you ready for a cute dress?!?
So I saw this adorable idea on Etsy and Hadlee just
happened to e-mail Mamaw (Troy's mom) with a picture
of it attached & her wishes to have one.
VOILA!!! Mamaw came through...
Isn't it adorable?!?
Thanks, Mamaw!!! We love you!When you have gymnastics two nights before
Halloween, you have to be festive!!!
Here goes my Pretty Punkin'...
Oh, did you think that Hadlee doesn't give
THE LOOK anymore?!?
Think again...But never for very long...
"Come on, Mommy...let's go to 'nastics!!!"

God bless this little guy's heart...
It was the day before Halloween and what does he get?!?
What was I EVEN thinking by putting out
the Halloween candy early?!?
Thank Goodness I had enough left for
the Trick-or-Treaters!
And finally, I leave you with some of my fave pics.
So, I've seen all of my blogger friends' cute pictures
to all of these darling little pumpkin patches.
Well, we never quite made it to one.
Luckily, I did find THIS patch of pumpkins though...

Too bad THIS pumpkin patch was at
Nothin' like a Redneck Pumpkin Patch!!!

Hope you had a WONDERFUL Halloween!
Real pics to come soon!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Haddie Halloweens, Too!!!

You want to talk about a Happy Halloween?!?
This was Haddie Girl's FIRST Halloween...
Who is this spooky little kitty cat???...
Why it's Haddie at six months old!!!
What did my mommy say? This really isn't my first costume?!?
Was I cute as a PUMPKIN?!? Yes, but still not the costume!
AHHHHHH...much better since I was known as
"Daisy Baby" for the longest time (in utero & after I was born!)!
A pure delight...
The sweetest daisy there ever, ever was...

And just who is that beside Daisy Girl?!?
Why it is Lightnin' McQueen, of course!!!
Faster than Fast, our main man was four years old here...
Of course our Sweet, Sweet Treat Kate Kate was there...
Happy Halloween 2006... Not at all creepy (like his shirt says).
Big man was five here and just cute, cute, cute!!!
And so was this Lil' Punkin at one year old!
The next pic is an ALL TIME FAVE!!!
About this time (and really for over a year),
Walker LIVED in this Aggie hat (and his jersey, too).
Hadlee was so excited to get her little hands on that hat...
and how did she get away with it?!?
While Bubba was fast asleep!!!
CRIKEY...Walker was Steve Irwin through and through!
We called the Australia Zoo and
ordered this shirt for him (seriously!).
Glad Kimberly and Marc can hook us up now!!!
Pre-K Halloween Party...
And just who do we have here?!?
Our Pretty Little Princess...
She was a happy princess, too!!!
CRIKEY, I'll say it again...
Absolutely full of sweet love & wonder...
Like the true Hoodie within him,
Walker was SO into character!!!
The porch swing series at Grandmother & Pa Pa's house...
I just loved watching these two laugh and
have a ball together!!!

Later on that Halloween night, we realized that
every good Crocodile Hunter needs to catch a CROC...
Crikey...she was fiesty little CROC!!!

I'm not sure about the crocodiles where you're from, but this one wore a white BOW!!!

Such a diva with two costumes again!!!

The Future Mr. and Mrs. Steve Irwin...

Happy Halloween 2007...

Here's hoping for a Happy Halloween 2008!