Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hoodie Halloweens...

Our neighborhood is ALL about Halloween!
Nothin scary, just all fun, fun, fun!
AHHH...check out our long lost neighbor Mark!
It was a treat every year to see how Mark
was going to dress up...
So sad he & his sweet family had to move!
This was a GROOVY Halloween in 2005.
I was preggers with Sweet Baby Girl and wearing
another of my mother's outfits from the 70's!
T-dawg was smokin' HOT!!!
SUPERSTARS...in 2006!

In 2007, our theme was dress like you did way back
when (80's, although I went early 90's). I was THRILLED
to get my CRIMPER out and wear my junior
year prom dress one more time!!!
And T-dawg couldn't wait to wear his FFA jacket, his
football jersey and a MULLET (which he really never had!).
This time we were both smokin' HOT! ha!!! The Hoodies are always so good about celebrating
Troy's birthday...perfect timing with Hoodie Halloweens!
I was nice on the previous Hoodie Halloween pics NOT
to share EVERYONE's pictures, but not for this one...
Yep, ALL the Hoodies are SMOKIN' HOT!!!


Lindsay said...

OH MY GOSH! If I can quit laughing long enough to see the keyboard, I will be able to finish this comment! Ok, first, Joe Dirt, I mean Troy, might be the funniest thing I've ever seen. Troy looks hairlaious (ha)! Your hair is the best eva and the prom dress is so 90's. By the way, I don't believe you were preggo in that first picture. No way, no how. Your tummy is, yeah, flat! Let's just say, skinny minnie. I mean Skinny Mindy!!!! Love the kids with yall in 2006 and love your Hoodies back in time Halloween costumes. Just love every bit of it!!!

Jennifer said...

I love T-Dawg's mullet! Look out Billy Ray!!! And I can't believe you not only can still wear your Jr. year Prom dress, but look Smokin' in it too!!! You guys have it goin' on!

Beth E. said...

I have to say, again, that your neighborhood seems to have such a great time! I'm a lil' jealous. :o)

The pictures are great...what a hoot!

Blessings from the Reeds said...

Thank you for not posting some of the other pictures! haha. You guys are always hilarious. I have a special book of pictures for just the Hood. It is getting full. I think someday my kids are going to think we dressed up more than they did growing up! Loved the flashback. You two are always HOT!

angie said...

you look awesome:) the fact that you were pregnant in that little dress is impressive!!! I also LOVE the fact that you still had a crimped...too funny. That us really near that your neighborhood loves life like they do:)

Amanda said...

You guys are a riot! The year I was pregnant with Matthew I went as a pregnant Britney Spears.

Amanda said...

PS You have been Boo'ed by me! Stop by my blog to pick up your treat!

Kimberly said...

LOVING your prom dress and impressed that it still fits!!!!!!!!!!!