Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Way Back Walker Wednesday ~ Halloween Style!!!

Well, I thought it would be fun if I posted pictures of Walker &
Hadlee from each Halloween so far (and don't EVEN think
that I'm backtracking so Walker won't ask why he wasn't
blogged about from age one to five!).
I had so much fun...
I laughed & cried all at the same time looking through these pics!
Then I realized I couldn't just grab one of each so
I just had to make TWO posts (Pre and Post Hadlee!).

Here is Walker's first Halloween!!!
He was our precious fireman at two months old...
Walker was a REAL punkin' that first Halloween.
Troy even carved his little man's face into a pumpkin...
Then when he was one, he was Clifford the Big Red Dog.
We laughed SO hard that night over this costume...
Kate was a puppy dog. I'll never forget Kelli & I
laughing hysterically in her front yard over them
running around ~ all we could see were their doggie heads!!! It was Spiderman at age two (hummm,
that's funny...wait 'til you see who he is this year!)!Walker LOVED this costume and he wore it A LOT!
In fact, some of his friends wear it now when they
come over to play! Hadlee would LIKE to wear it THIS
Halloween...I am praying she comes to her senses
before Friday night!!!

This little guy has owned my heart since day one...

Always My Sweet Punkin'...

When Walker was three, he was ALL ABOUT Thomas!!! Little Halloween Hoodies...

My nephew, Hunter (he loved those scary costumes!)...And of course our precious Kate Kate! She has always been a special part of Halloween for us!I was pregnant with Haddie Girl here...but I'm saving her first Halloweens for tomorrow! BOO HOO!!!

I wouldn't trade my Walker Halloween memories for ANYTHING!!!


Blessings from the Reeds said...

Oh Mindy....pass the tissue. These are sooo sweet. I loved getting to see all of these. So precious they make me cry! I can't wait to see Haddie's post now.

Ps. Troy did an amazing job on that pumpkin! Wow:)

Beth E. said...

*Sniff, sniff* This reminds me of my boys when they were little! I'm so glad you have your blog to record your children's lives... blogging had not been invented when my boys were growing up!

Looking forward to pictures of Hadlee.


angie said...

those are just precious!!! Hmmm such a great idea, look fir a similar post from me:) I love looking at how much they've grown!!

Kimberly said...

Crying bc those pics are so sweet AND bc baby hippo Chloe won't be in your pics this weekend. I am so sad not to need to concentrate on getting your guy better. Dang that strep throat!