Monday, October 27, 2008

Murder at the Reeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dunt dun daaaaaaa...
The Reeds hosted a "HOW TO HOST a MURDER" party!!!
We received our invites a couple of weeks ago with our
characters and we've all been so excited about this night!

Since we would be dealing with murder,
we decided it best for the Little Hoodies to have
sitters at our house...
Walker, Hadlee and I had fun setting up for
the Lil' Hoodie Halloween Bash...

Meet Delbert Toydes. He was the quarterback of the
Varsity football team & the "Big Hitter" on the
baseball team back in 1954.

Check out his high top sneakers...

Meet Dierdre C. Deucer! "Dee" was the Homecoming Queen
from the wrong side of the tracks.
(Too bad after I got ready I realized I looked more
like Pam Anderson WITHOUT the tiny body
and the you know whats!!!)...

Have you ever seen a more adorable hostess?!?
The setting was a 1954 Roley City High Class Reunion.
The decorations and here's that cute hostess again were
so cute! The kitchen was set up as Malties,
the old high school hang out!!!

The Hoodies know how to get into character! Everyone
looked AWESOME!!! The Little Hoodies ate burgers
with us on the outside patio of Malties before
heading to their own partay!

Meet the couples...

No Hoodie party is complete without funny gifts!
This one was long overdue...
You never know what you're going to get
when it's from the Hoodies...
The Reeds pool was finished at the very end of
summer so we were just now giving them
their gift! HA HA!!!

The Cast...

I came thinking that I would totally leave the party with an award...I was all about scandalous "Dee"! Let me just say though that there are some Hoodies who can ACT!!! Everyone was hilarious and brought such personality to their roles! We laughed so hard. The Reeds were awesome for hosting! You may have noticed that one of the Hoodie men came as the cheerleader. That was because his hot wife, Elizabeth, is sporting a cute baby boy bump right now so she couldn't get the cheer skirt to work! They were a riot! Needless to say the Academy Award goes to...

E.C. and Calvin Q. Layder!!!

By the time we made it back to the Little Hoodies Partay,

look how we found Sweet Haddie Girl...

What a fun night!


Beth E. said...

You guys do such fun things! What fuddie-duddies we are here at our home! *Sigh* Excitement for us is trying out a new condiment with dinner! Haha Growing older is suuuuuch fun. lol

Glad you had such a good time!

Lindsay said...

I'm moving to Waco!!!!!!! What a great idea-just love it! Your "role" was perfect and NO, you don't look like Pam Anderson-by the way, you're tee tinier (is that a word?) than she is and no one needs those you know whats that size!! What a perfect party for the little hoodies too. Haddie looked pooped. I'm sure she was warn out. By the way, I am so loving Troy's shoes. You two are so much fun and I love reading about all your festivities. Keep the fun times a comin!!

Amanda said...

How fun! You hoodies are a riot. What a cute idea especially this time of year! You all seemed to take your roles very seriously! Good times. :)

angie said...


melanie, aka Mo said...

THat sounds like a blast. How can I find out more about it?! I would love to host one of those! Melanie

Blessings from the Reeds said...

Haha! These pictures have me rolling. Sooo Funny and Fun! We are sooooo blessed. Thanks for the fun time Dee and Del!