Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend with the Great Grands...

We had a wonderful weekend visiting Troy's
Grandparents. Walker and Hadlee have such a good time
loving on their Great Grandparents (it just melts my heart)
and seeing their fun cousins.
Sweet lovin' for Granny Pierce...

Grandma Pierce let Walker pick a tomato...
And then of course, Hadlee had to pick one, too!
(Did I tell ya'll the story about Walker's tomato plant this summer?
Troy's mom gave him one to grow all by himself. He
water and cared for that plant all summer long. Finally, a little
tomato appeared on it & Walker was THRILLED.
Just about that same day, we were all playing outside and
Hadlee comes walking by so non-chalantly with that
LITTLE TOMATO Walker had finally GROWN!!! She was
so proud that she had picked it and of course
Walker was devastated!)

Sweet and precious cousins Cason & Mylee...

This is Prissy, Granny's dog. Walker & Hadlee
pray for Prissy every single night!!!
Peaking in the window at Granny doing the dishes...

Our beautiful Grandma Robinett...

And of course PaPa Robinett...
as I always say, the finest Christian man
I've ever known!
Unfortunately by the time we got home, Hadlee
had a fever. I can see it in her eyes here...
We love spending time with our grandparents
(really Troy's but I totally claim them as my own now!).
We visit, eat (A fact Troy and I ate dinner on
Saturday night TWICE just so we wouldn't hurt
either grandmothers' feelings since they had both cooked!),
and then we visit some more.
Wonderful times...
especially seeing Haddie & Walker
with their great grandparents!


Michelle said...

Wow, I know you will treasure those pictures. There is nothing like the love of a grandparent.


angie said...

What a family heritage! So sorry about the fever. I hope she feels a lot better today!

Blessings from the Reeds said...

Oh, Miss Heather told me when picking up Landry that Haddie didn't come today. I am sorry she has a temp. I hope she feels better soon! These are sweet pictures of the kids and their Great Grands. I love how close your family is!

Beth E. said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time with your family! Sure hope Hadlee feels better now.