Friday, October 28, 2011

SUPER Aggie(s)


These two are pretty super, too!  :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Let's Go Texas Rangers!!!

Game 6 is TONIGHT!!! :)))
If the Rangers win, then it is over!!! 
I have three sweet little Ranger fans!
Hamilton isn't necessarily our favorite
player (maybe Troy's), but we like his
shirts and I'm reading his book.
He's an awesome guy:)

Michael Young is BY FAR Walker's
favorite player and he is the most
upstanding guy on the team. 
It's funny because I know all of
Walker's little friends' favorite players
and that's kinda how I remember each one.
Of course I think CJ Wilson is cute,
but we broke up;) I still wear
his shirt though!  hee hee!
I'm liking Craig Gentry now.
And I LOVE Elvis' smile:)
And Hudson's favorite player would
have to be Hamilton (Hambone)...
we even call Huds "Little Hambone"!
Haddie sure does make
a Ranger shirt look cute;)
The day after the Rangers won the
American League and we knew
they were heading to the
World Series, I had to make
an Academy run;)))
One hundred bucks later we were
ready for the World Series!!!  ha!
We are LOVING us some
Walker and I sent these pics to Troy
when he was out of town last week
to show off our shirts.  We had one
waiting for him at home:)))
Everything is bigger in Texas and
I love that about the Lone Star State!
We just need our boys to bring
home the WORLD SERIES title!!!

Let's Go Rangers! :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


...Hudson might not think
 these pictures are very funny!;)
Daddy MIGHT think these
pictures are funny!  ;)))

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kids Walking for a Cure :)

South Bosque had their annual
"Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes"
on October 14th.
I couldn't resist the cause and
getting to walk with my two
favorite elementary kiddos!!!:)
That morning I got to walk
with the third graders.
Walker made me laugh because one minute
he and his friends would be walking with me
and then all of the sudden they would
take off running and leave me in the dust;)))
It was a Hawaiian theme:)
Walker & Nash
Love me some crazy third grade boys;)
Especially my hula hoopin' Walker D!
That afternoon I got to walk
with the kindergarten classes!  :)
Hadlee & Emily
Briggs & Hadlee ;)))
Look at my little girl...
growing up right before my very eyes :(
Such a sweet, fun little girl:)
Taking after her big brother and his hula hooping
skills!  Surely they get this from their mama! ;)
Still can't believe this beautiful
little girl is in kindergarten.
Time is truly flying...
Little Bro came along for the kindergarten walk:)
He was such a good boy
and Haddie was excited to see him!
Hadlee & Lucy
She is my dear friend, Jeremy's, niece:)
Hadlee, Rachel, Lucy
With Suzanna from dance, too...
They are all just so precious:)
A wonderful time in every way possible ~
a great cause
(in honor of my dear friend Karen
 & sweet Ella Kate),
a beautiful day,
priceless moments
with my babies.

Then I watched my newest little school girl
walk back into the school like such a big girl.
Almost as if she's been in kindergarten
all the days of her sweet, little life! 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Travis Weekend ~ October 8th

that Travis gets to come home on
some weekends.  God bless Lynna's is A LOT of work for her though.
But she doesn't hesitate...
thrills her to have Travis home!!!:)

October 8th weekend was a big one for us.
Travis not being able to eat is awful. 
I remember exactly where I was standing
at Texas Neuro when Trav's
neurologist looked at Lynna and said
he didn't think Travis would ever
be able to talk or eat again. 
I thought I might die right then and there.
All we had been waiting for was
when Travis would say something...
we all joked what it would be.
I just knew he was going to be like
"Ya'll, I liked Superman but
not this much!"

I remember I very quickly put what
the doctor had told us on
Caringbridge so people could pray.
My parents didn't like it that I had done
that.  They were just sure that
the doctor was wrong and that it
was not right to share that
 information with everyone.

All I could think about was not
ever hearing his voice again.
I still can't stand the thought of that.

In the days, weeks and months that
have followed we have realized that
Travis talking is NOT our main goal
or issue with him. Travis has learned to
communicate with us...
through texting, his Dynavox,
spelling out words by pointing
at an alphabet chart, etc.
 It's the eating that is THE worst.

Our whole world, our lives, our days...
all evolve around eating. 
You don't realize that until you
are around somebody who CAN'T
eat but would LIKE to eat.
It's very sad.

We decided early on that we would
not eat or drink in front of Travis.
We just couldn't do that to him.
For the longest he would beg
for sips of water or ask Lynna
to order him a pizza or bring
 him a coke.  :(
He never does that anymore.

CNS has encouraged Lynna and all
of us to eat around him
AND take him to restaurants.
His counselor says this is his
new life and he needs
to be accustomed to it.  
We just haven't been able to do it.....
until October 8th weekend ~
 when we all went to Fuddruckers:)
This has always been our family birthday
spot because it's so relaxed and it's
perfect for the Storm;)  ha!
I have many, MANY memories
of Travis at Fuddruckers.
Including his 16th birthday dinner...
where I gave him a new truck.
(It was a hot wheel!).

We thought it was a perfect place to take
him since there are couches and
games and stuff.  Troy and I got
there early and ate quickly so
we could be done and hang with
Travis while everyone else ate.
Other than the tears I shed
as Travis sat on the couch behind
me as I finished my burger,
it was perfect...
Even Macy was in town from school:)
Aunt Kitty, Uncle Ron, Mical, Joanne & Tyler
came, too!  Travis draws a crowd;)
These are the women of our family.
Travis is loved,
cared for and nurtured!
In typical Travis fashion,
being in a restaurant and seeing
people eat didn't seem to phase
him at all.  When we ask him
if it's okay, he always shakes his
head for yes and smiles. 
His attitude is TRULY
He inspires me!
Shame on me for the things I
complain about in this world. 
Talk about an inspiring family........
Look at him laughing with his mama!
Nobody makes him laugh or smile
like she does (well, maybe Hudson!).
As far as the future of Travis eating
or speaking again?...according to most
who work with him (doctors, speech
therapists, etc.), it is unlikely that he
will ever be able to do either.  His damage
 is so severe.  Are we giving up?
NEVER!  Better yet, is Travis
giving up?  No WAY!  Never, EVER!!!
That evening Lynna, Travis and Hunter
went home to rest.  Apparently Lynna
fell asleep on the couch.  Travis started
texting me to bring the STorm OVER!  ha!
 So of course, we went straight away!!!!!!
And on Sunday, too:)))
It's not only hard work on Lynna...
but poor Hunter, too!
You just have no idea what it's like.
God bless their hearts.  :(
It's ALL so worth it
and we are ALL so thankful...
A sweet Sunday...
with VERY sweet people!
As I think back to that day when the doctor
told us that information about Travis
never eating or talking,
I could never have dreamed that he
would be able to text us like he does now.
That in itself is such a miracle.
I hope someday to read back over
this and realize that God performed
many more miracles and that Travis
CAN talk and eat. 

"There is no one who can
hold back His hand..."
Daniel 4:35