Monday, August 15, 2011

Texas Ranger Game

Ever since Walker was on the Texas
Rangers Little League team and had
such a FUN time playing,
he has been obsessed with the real Rangers!!!
Walker was SO pumped when Troy
told him that they were going to
a REAL game at the ball park in Arlington!!!!!!!
Of course, we had to go shopping next:)
Walker was #10 on his team and;
therefore, he loves #10 on the Rangers which
happens to be Michael Young.
Young is an awesome player and,
even better, a REALLY great guy!!!
The coach and the team speak
so highly of Young:)
Troy was able to get tickets for
Michael Young night at the ball park.
A YOUNG jersey was a MUST!!!
Walker was determined to be
FAN of the Game.  He was sure
he would get it...I think there were only
like 35, 000 people there that night;)
He wanted me to make a Superman
Travis sign and I came up with the
Walker Texas Ranger one!!!:)
And guess what?
They showed Walker AND Troy
on the jumbotron screen with his signs!!!
Even focused in on the
Walker Texas Ranger one!!!!!!!!
(The one Troy had made fun of!!!)
He told me he forgot to
show this sign!  ha;)
(I told him that's why he didn't
get fan of the game!)
The game was July 25th which just
happened to be the one year anniversary
of Trav's wreck.  I knew I had to be
with Travis that day...just like I was
one year ago.  It turned out so perfect
for the boys to drop me off with
Travis while they went to the game.
Haddie and Huds stayed with my
parents, Aunt Michelle & Logan!
I hated leaving my two littles :(
But of course I knew they would be
fine and have a ball (which they did!).
It was so fun to be with just our #1
that day, too.  Actually quite weird
to tell you the truth!
Walker & Troy were so excited the whole
drive to Dallas.  They were really into
their "guy" thing.  I asked Walker to pass
me some fries after we made a quick stop
at McDonald's.  That stinker picked the
smallest, most burnt ONE to pass to me.
He and Troy thought that was a hoot
and told me that's what I get for
going on a guy's trip;))))))
My two hunks leaving for the game.......
This was batting practice when Troy
and Walker were trying to catch a fly ball...
A fly ball AND on the jumbotron!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a night!:)
 I thought I had trained Troy to take MORE
pictures...I mean, come on!  But the above two
and the one below were all I got!!!
The Rangers won BIG that night.....
even broke a record for most runs scored
in a game.  (Rangers 20, Twins 6)
I think my boys brought them good luck;)
This was a view from their seats which
they loved.  That's the Ranger dug-out.....
A couple of new shirts, a Michael Young
plaque, a game ball, souvenir cup and
no telling what else;),
they picked me up from Trav's at about 11:30
that night.  Usually Trav is given his night time
meds before then to put him to sleep, but
this night he got to stay up
 so he could see the guys.
That thrilled both of my 
 good lookin' Texas Rangers!
I love the father/son relationship
between Troy and Walker.
I swear they grow closer with each
passing day.  It's really cool! 
I never dreamed I'd have to share
my Walker D like this!!!;)

Sunday, August 14, 2011


One thing I must say about our sum, sum,
summer time 2011 is that
THIS boy is growing UP...........
WAAAAY TOO FAST for this mama!!! ;(
Walker is ALL about having
friends over or going to friends' houses.
Colton & Walker are great buds...
Can't get enough of Jonah...
they have been friends since before Pre-K!
This day they were playing baseball
outside in the 102 degree temps...
Red Rangers vs. Blue Rangers
I have the most wonderful Mother-in-Law!
She is ALWAYS there for us and she
has a HEART of GOLD!!!!!!!!
We love when Mamaw comes over....

Mamaw has had both of her knees
replaced recently and she has been a
ROCK STAR patient!  We are so proud
 of her and thankful for her awesome
new knees!  We say YAY for Mamaw.....
 T-dawg and I had a fun night out
going to the Cattle Baron's Ball
on July 23rd.........
this is the American Cancer Society's
incredible benefit!  Troy is a volunteer
for it and I love that!!!  Someday
when my kids are bigger,
I will also help with it! :)
Plus it's such a fun date
night with my hot hubby
and one time a year when we hook
up with our Cattle Baron's friends...
(and miss LV :( so much!!!)
 Uh, hello PHOTO BOOTH! 
This was a new treat at CB:)))))
One that I loved....

Sweet Alyssa babysat the kids for us.
She was Trav's very special friend
that he was "talking to" at the time
of his accident.  She is such an
amazing young lady and we've come to
love her so dearly.  Troy and I always
stress over how the kids are and so
one time I told Troy to check Facebook
because Alyssa loves to post pics...
Voila!  She had already posted
this pic of "Happy Hudson"...
 And this one, too!  Our minds were
certainly put to ease!:)))
Speaking of Trav, at CB I went up
to the bar to order a drink
(thank Goodness it was a coke!)
and the lady said, "Hey I know you...
aren't you Aunt Mindy?  As in
Travis' Aunt Mindy?"!!!!!!
 Alyssa even posted this pic the
next day to show me that the "Storm"
 really was so easy to take care of!
Yeah right!!!
When we got home that night,
I realized that I had not really taken
any pictures of my dress OR the
feather earrings that Lynna had insisted
that I borrow and wear!!!
She would have killed me had I not
sent her pics of me in those things;)))) 
Troy was CRACKING up at me
taking these self-portraits for Lynna!
I didn't like the picture he took for me,
but he's not into re-takes;)))
And one of the dress, too!!!  ha!
Lynna appreciated  AND understood
these pics taken after midnight VERY much;)
One afternoon when Colton and Whitt
were over, the guys were playing outside
and came RUNNING in because
Walker had gotten stung by a red wasp
on his thumb.  I cannot EVEN count the
number of times that this kid came around
the corner the next few days with this on his
hand to say, "Mom, do you think
my thumb is infected?!?"
Oh that kid!!!  I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!
One of my dear friends from high school
Amy Cloud Hobart was in town
from D.C. with her PRECIOUS
new twin baby loves!!!
This little man just melted in my arms...
I was loving me some Baby Robert!
How about this adorable little thing!?!
The more the merrier!!!
Troy never knows who all he is going
to find when he gets home in the evening!
I hope it's always like this:)
In fact, Troy always makes everyone
come and hug him just like Walker,
Haddie and Hudson do when
he walks in the door!
Co Co sent me this pic to make my day
on July 25th...the one year anniverary of
Superman's wreck!!!  SUPER BABIES:)))
Baseball Fever in the Summer, tooooooo!
They let Haddie have five strikes;)
"Buzz Kill" just wanted to keep getting a turn!
How hilarious is it that Walker sometimes calls
Hudson, "BUZZ KILL"!  Perfect nickname
for a little brother!;)))
Walker has never lacked in passion
for the things he loves...
this day it was a Ranger hat,
Ranger shirt, and a Ranger jersey!!!
He liked how the jersey says,
"Texas" and then he opens it
for the shirt to say,
Walker is still VERY much into LEGOS...
Mainly Star Wars and Ninjago...
he builds and builds
and loves to take pictures of his creations!
We love our Barkley playdates!
They are quite different these days...
Hudson does NOT want me to hold the babies!
He LOVES them like crazy...but NOT for
mommy to hold them!  So, I'm not much
help for CoCo!!! 
(Good thing he's my last baby...
Walker & Hadlee loved for me
to hold other babies!)
Kelli and I were loving our little "H" men
in their blue polo handsome!
 I was determined to get a picture...
they were NOT having it!!!
I love this pic because Hank is like,
"Dude, you are taking this way too far."
So I moved onto the fuss-free,
sweet girls instead.........
NEVER any drama with girls!!!  ;)))))
I love me some SUm, SUm, SUMMer TIME!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Haddie, Daddy, and Haircuts

My sweet, precious H's...
they are truly PURE joy!!!
Consider these pics Hudson's 18 month
shots AND also the night before
Daddy made me get Huddy's sweet,
precious, luscious, golden locks
CUT.  :(((
Consider this a picture of a little bit
of Heaven who is about to start
Kindergarten.  :(((
I love her precious curls, too!
She gets to keep hers though!!!!!!!
Back to Goldilocks...
and, yes, that is what someone called
him in Dallas and that just might
have been the breaking point for Daddy.
I was seriously having a hard time
with this!  I did NOT want to cut his
curls off!  I had made a deal with Troy
that after our NaNa trip in early July,
I would get his "BOY" an aggie cut!;(((
My bright, blue eyed blondie
woke up his happy self on the morning
of his haircut.  I was sulking
all around the house and
decided on one more photo shoot;)
He is so beautiful!!!
Hudson is NOTHING like what
I imagined him to be.
While he does look just like
Troy (which means he looks just
like Walker & Haddie, too),
he is SO himself!!!!
I don't know if it's the
toe head OR the blue eyes
or his perfectly spunky
He's just the full package
and I couldn't love him more!!!
And boy OH boy, does this baby love
his mama!!!?!???!  This is him coming
to tackle me with his hugs and kisses.
I'm not kidding!  It's the BEST.
Troy was mowing that morning as we
left.  I didn't even tell him bye!!! 
He came outside just as we were pulling
out of the drive and motioned me to stop
and roll down the window.
He kindly told me to "do whatever
I needed/wanted to do with his hair,
but to remember his wishes"!
AWWWWW...that Troy is a
good man!  And he knows his wife
alllllllll too well;)))
The sucker PRE-haircut might not have
been my best idea yet!  ha!
I told Debbie to do a compromise...
she cuts Troy's hair, so she knew just what to do.
Most of these sweet precious curls
are now in a ziplock baggie though :(((
Why I chose THIS photographer again,
I don't even know!!!;)
Huds was so good during the haircut...
he got a little antsy for it to be over though!
I could eat this little baby boy UP!
NEXT in the chair was Walker and the MOP
on his head!!!  Walker was SO PROUD of his
long hair and did NOT want to get it cut.
I assured him it was going to be "just a trim".
Well, apparently, I told Debbie a
"good trim" and that's just what she did.
I really felt bad for his precious little soul.
He was so proud of that long hair
and he was devastated that so much
of it was gone.  :(
Daddy had no sympathy...
"it's just HAIR"!!!
I never could get a good shot of
Huds that day with his new cut.
She definitely left some curls...
and his new cut was actually really cute!
It was almost like a chili bowl cut
with curls in the back!
It made his face look chubby, too!!!;)
That afternoon he came out of
Haddie's room with her doll's
hair styling chair!  Funny:)))
Daddy wasn't just into being a mean
ole hair cut enforcer that weekend...
OH NO, he was also into taking
his "Princess" on an afternoon date!
Look what she just happened to come
home with.....................
She doesn't ever have to wonder
if she's Daddy's Princess or not...
he makes it VERY clear!
So much so that Walker always
rolls his eyes over the two of them! ha!
They are so cute and sweet together.
I've never seen two people
who can curl up and snuggle together
like these two.  Haddie and Daddy
are some kind of sweet!!!
Blonde, short hair, brown eyes, curls,
blue eyes, tan, brunette, no curls,
short, fat or tall......
I could care less.
I just love my little family!!!