Wednesday, November 11, 2015

At the Movies:)

My family and I at the movie theater...
we have fun no matter where we are!!!  ;)
Love this pic of Hudson!
Travis wouldn't get in the picture 
with us!  ha ha!  We were probably
embarrassing him;)
We had gone to see Jurassic World!
My mother and sister!!!!!
We were being so silly!!!
Travis decided to join us for pics!
I love my family so much!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Family Night :)

I love a night when it's just us.  
The Five of US.
Sadly nights like that are rare these days...
we often have an extra with us
or we are doing something in a group.
The kids LOVE a night like this
with their parents;)
Since we are so cool;)
We are so cool that our kids all 
ride on the THIRD row rather than the second;)
Pierce Party of Five!!!
I'm also thankful for a night that 
Mother and Dad can meet us for dinner!
I love and treasure them so, so much.  
Teenager.  But so cute!  So, so cute!!!
Troy got a new office at work
and so he took us by to see the progress on it
since it is being built/redone.
The kids loved playing in the conference room.  
Quite the Board Meeting;)
President Pierce
We finished off the evening
with a golf cart ride through the new
part of our neighborhood.  
My kids LOVE the dirt piles:)
Even my big kids!  ha!
They dared Daddy to run straight
up and down the dirt pile as fast as he could.  
My three loves on top of the world!
With a beautiful back drop:)

Monday, November 9, 2015

All American Boy

He's about as All American of a BOY
as one can get!!!  I love him so much:)
God bless this fun loving spirited
baseball lovin' American kid!
Sweaty and still wanting more!
But time to play with Bubba!
Then this...........
My sweet, sweet boy.
He plays hard then sleeps hard:)