Tuesday, November 3, 2015

6th Grade Boys Pool Party!

Immediately after the Sixth Grade Dance,
a huge group of boys met at the 
Twin Rivers Pool for pizza and swimming!
The Moms met up, too...
to chat and get some sun:)
Shortly after we noticed the boys were ALL gone!
They were off playing football and basketball;)
This is quite the gang!
I love them all!
This one is my favorite! 
Look at Kyle:)
The moms never figured out what this pose
was all about?!?  Pointing towards 7th grade? ;)
We just went with it though;)
I love this kid so much!
I truly couldn't be more proud of him
and I cannot, absolutely cannot,
believe that he is going to be
in middle school!
Hold me!!!
And I love that his teachers 
seem to love him and see
what I see in him, too!
Thankful for his 6th grade year, 
his wonderful teachers like Mrs. Gross
and his great friends/memories.  

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