Friday, November 6, 2015

Let's Do This, Summer!

Our first weekend of SUMMER 2K15!!!!
I love my cute boys! 
Our first SWiM!
Thankful for the Conners who are
so kind to let us come over anytime to swim:)
We love their Buckley!  ;)
The first weekend of summer
wore us out!  
Walker went to a GiRL/BoY 
swim party at Tori's!
Daddy continued to clean up
the toilet paper from our yard;)
While over at Grandmother & PaPa's,
we found these pages in a coloring book(:
One that Hadlee and Grandmother 
had done in 2009...
AND one that she and Walker had done
in 2007.  Best Grandmother in the world(:
Even my big boys were worn out!!!
But how VERY sweet is it that 
Troy will still have Walker climb into
his lap...and that Walker will do it:)
BT and LT
(Big Troy and Little Troy)
Hudson mimics EVERYTHING 
that Troy does.  EVeRYTHiNG!!!!!!!!!
Baseball Ready...
And serious about it!
He's so stinkin' cute!
Finally, Youth Group!
It's in FULL SWING for Walker
and this makes me so, so happy 
and thankful!
Super Soaker Sunday every Sunday evening:)

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