Friday, April 8, 2011


I just happened upon a file in my
albums called "iPhone"...
Troy had downloaded them from
my phone one day and
I forgot to ever go look at them.
i Happy seeing all of these!!!
On our way to the waiting room
at Hillcrest......  :(
Build a Bear Workshop
as a treat from Auntie Kimberly
in Australia.  My dear Bestie.
Superman medallions that Kelli Kelly
sent my sisters and me.  :)
Adorable superman shirt for Haddie
from my "should have been best friend"
friend from high school, Shannon Brown!
Sitting up!
My one in a million hilarious brown eyed love!
There could never be another Walker D!!!
Texas Neuro Hospital  Austin, Texas  :(
Toys R Us with my favorites...
He bought this with his own money!
Travis in a coma.....
we couldn't resist putting his hands
in a Longhorn pose for him!
Now this pictures makes me sick to
my stomach.  This was at Texas Neuro
in Trav's room VERY late on a Friday night.
Travis was in the storming phase and it
was AWFUL to witness.  Just AWFUL.
We couldn't bear to leave him that night.
Love seeing my little ones rock in my dad's
red rocker from when he was a little lad!
My beautiful dear friend from high school
Brooke got these for Hudson!!! 
Passing time picking red berries with
my best girl at Texas Neuro!
My big boy was so sick...
like 103 fever.  I sent this picture
to Daddy for him to see.  :(
Most handsome Anakin Skywalker
A true miracle! ;)
Chickfila...eating ice cream for the first time! :)
I think Bush's should use this as
their Sweet Tea advertisement!!!
Never, ever have I staged this or encouraged this.
Sweet, sweet babies of mine...
Visiting Grandmother one day after school...
Texas Neuro
SUPER kids!
My Love, My Laughter
I love my Happy Go Lucky Hunter B!
I had to miss out on a NaNa trip to Colorado
in October.  I just couldn't leave for a
vacay knowing what my family was
going through.  Nor could I leave my little
family OR Travis.  :(
But I could send them a funny pic
of me in an old college shirt!!!
Quite possibly one of my very
favorite iHappy iPhone pics!!!
Just awesome:)
Texas Neuro
God love his little heart being
the bright spot for everyone!!!
For her Daddy.....  :)
Walker's first skating party
(for Zach Attack Stewart).
Oh yes he did use one of those
to help him skate!!!!!
Saw this in the lobby of a Ft. Worth hospital.
Had to think about and PRAY for Jennifer,
Robin's beautiful best friend
battling (surviving!!!) breast cancer. 
Homemade mani/pedis with my best girl...
I love her sweet little toes and fingers!
Precious girls in my classroom
acting out a dialogue in French!
I love my students!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm a bum looker!  ;)
Walker had been begging to pump my gas
for a long time.  Hope he always wants
to do that job for his mama!!!!!!
Happily cruising in his pink ride!
Hadlee dressed up like
Hannah Montana for dance class!!!
Eating lunch at South Bosque Elementary...
...with my three favorite peeps!!!