Monday, February 20, 2017

Football Camp for BOTH!

I never dreamed this would happen
since there's such a gap in their
ages (seven years)...
but I found myself dropping them
both off at the same place, same
time, same week for 
football camp at our indoor facility!
This was Hudson's first time to attend!!!
He did awesome!!!
Of course he had some of Walker's
coaches and they recognized
Walker's little brother:)
W & H were always at opposite ends 
of the field, but it was still cool
for me to have both of my boys there!
Hudson loved it more and
more each day!!!
See that hand up begging 
for a pass!  That's my boy in SKINS! ;)
Huds loved hooking up with his 
bros after the huddle at the end!  
Dropping them off together
like this had me all kinds of emotional!
I love them so much!
On the day before the last day of camp,
the younger grades handed out 
footballs for awards.
Huds won in the competition
for KICKING!!!! 
He was SO PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Showing off what he learned;)
Way to go, Big Huds!
Last day of camp....
I'm so thankful...two healthy, active
boys doing something they love.  
And I'm proud...
two boys putting in the work
to get better at something they love!
Sister doing her thing while
we I watched the scrimmages 
on the last day.
This cutie pie in skins 
was in it to win it!
So was my other cutie in skins!!!!
 Huds made friends with the son
 of a girl I grew up with!  
So cool!!!
Hot, sweaty mess!!!
Nice view:)
Hudson loved every second of
these scrimmages!
How about these adorable cheerleaders?!?
 It was an awesome week at football camp!
 Sister Love!
After we all went to eat lunch, 
I ended up with THIS crew!!!!!!!!!
I wouldn't have it any other way!

Especially when I find all of 
these big boys playing a board game!!!

Way to Go to my two
favorite football players EVER!!!!