Saturday, February 11, 2017

Last Day of 4th GRADE !!!

Last day of 4th grade
at South Bosque Elementary
for this little lady who
is TU TU Cute for words!!!!!!!!!!
And TU TU much of a MESS:)
I love her so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last days of Kinder, 7th and 4th!
Here we go.....
our very last time to drop 
our girl off at South Bosque :(
This school means SO very much to us!
It did wonders for our sweet girl:)
I'm so glad I still get to take Hudson!
First of all, Sister left class
to watch Hudson graduate from Kindergarten...
This lady.  We couldn't love her more.
She has been such a blessing to us.
She's my dear, sweet friend
(We first met when Ella Reid & Walker
had a class together.  Then she had Walker
in class!  The rest has been
history.  I am beyond thankful for
her love and friendship and
all that she is to Hadlee.
And I love when people tell us
that we look alike!!!!!!)
Mrs. Cates brought out the
very best in my girl (:
Another strong, amazing
woman in my daughter's life
for her to admire!!!  
We ALL love her so much!!!!!!!!!!!
Our FAVE couple on their last
day of 4th grade ~ although
they are not really a couple!  ;)
The TU TU Cuties one last time!
But this girl.
This girl.....Jersi and Hadlee have
been together in the same class
since 2nd grade with Mrs. Bain.
They have done so much for one
another and I'm so thankful for
their friendship.  We love Jersi Kate!
The class was watching the
4th Grade Finale....
the Tu Tu Cuties had to dance to theirs!
THEN it was time for 
"Who Let the DOGS Out"
to blare throughout the halls of 
South Bosque Elementary for the
4th graders to run through.
Mrs. Wellborn was the lead!!!!!!!!!
Her final walk!!!!!!!!!!
Love and admire her so much!!!
Katie and I waited for our girls
to come by!!!  Me being the older mom;)
showing her the ropes of South Bosque! ha!
Here comes my GIRL(S)!!!!!!!!!!!
What a BLAST!!!!!!!!!
And just like that 
she was no longer a 4th grader
at South Bosque Elementary!!!
What a SPECIAL day!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE these GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are so precious and loving
and FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Absolutely LOVE Ann Marie, too!!!!!!!!!!
She was in another class:)
Hadlee just adores Miss Mac!
I am so thankful that she
had this most precious PE teacher!
They all love Miss McMullen so much!
Mr. Carr caught Hadlee!!!!!!
She loves him!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So funny!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Carrs are a huge part of our lives...
I hope they are her in-laws someday;)
We love DEV!!!!!!!!!
Mrs. Cates & her Girls
Mrs. Schafer is the BEST, too!
Sweet Samantha!!!!!!!!!!!
Again, these two just melt my heart.
They have loved each other well!!!!!!!!!!!
I took the four tu tu cuties
with me for an afternoon of fun...
which included a 
SO much FUN and so many GiGGLeS!
So glad that Precious Cadence
moved to Waco half way during
the 4th grade year!
Hadlee, Jersi & Lily took her right in!
She was perfect for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God knew Hadlee needed her!
The next day started our SUMMER!!!!!!
I was so happy & excited to 
know I was going to spend my summer
with this sweet girly..............
Even if she can be a little
sassy at times;)
I truly couldn't be more proud
or more thankful for Hadlee
and her five amazing years at
South Bosque!  What a ride
it has been!!!  I think back to many 
times that she cried at the start 
of the year...simply because she
didn't want to be away from me:(
Starting out change was hard for her and she
clung to Mrs. Decker her kindergarten
year, loved attaching herself to
Mrs. Gingerich & Mrs. Schemeltekopf
in first grade,
was completely nurtured and loved
by Mrs. Bain in second grade
and also met her precious best friend,
 encouraged and admired
by Ms. Penson in third, and blessed 
beyond words by Mrs. Cates,
Mrs. Wellborn & Mrs. Bell
her last year at SB.
Sprinkled with a LOT of love
from Miss Mac, Mrs. Schafer
& Ms. Flowers..................
my girl absolutely
 into a bright, happy, smart, driven,
confident and kind young lady.  
I am so proud of her
and all that she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I pray she continues on this 
very same path for
her entire life!!!!!!!!!!
 She has a joy in her that 
I know must come from Jesus!!!!
On to River Valley Intermediate!!!!!!!
We love you so very much,
Hadlee McCall!!!!!!!

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