Sunday, February 12, 2017

End of the Orioles Season & a HOMERUN!!!

Our favorite little Oriole had
an awesome first season of 
Midway Little League!!!!!!!!!!
He can HIT that ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How about these AWESOME fans?!?!!?
The Hawkins showed up with 
this awesome sign for our #5!!!
They are THE BEST
and we love them so much!

At his last game, 
Big Huds hit a HOMERUN!!!
I just happened to have caught
it on VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!
It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
He hit that ball hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The only base that was thrown over was third!
His first homerun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We didn't win too many games,
but these cute boys had FUN!!!!!!!!!
Love my guy!!!!!!
He's serious about his baseball!  ;)
Orioles 2016
Such a fun, cute group of
6 and 7 year olds!!!!!!
Go Orioles!!!!!!!
(I'm not sure why Coach Pierce
didn't have on his Orioles shirt!!!!!!!)
Hudson, we are so proud of you!!!
YOU are an awesome kid
and we thank God for you 
and all that you are!!!!!!
First Homerun!!!!
First Year of Little League!!!
June 2016
6 Years Old
Keep dreaming BIG 
and working hard!!!
You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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