Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hudson's First T-Ball Game 2015

Ready for his first T-Ball Game
of the 2015 Season!!!
It happened to be on sister's birthday:)
He was pumped and ready to play!!!!!
This is his second year of t-ball.
Of course in true Pierce Party of Five
Fashion, it wasn't just Hadlee's birthday
but Walker also had a game!!!
McDonald's breakfast was a must;)
2015 Blue Flash!!!
Hudson may look out of place being the tallest,
but he's smack dab in the middle of the age range!
It was such a special team since we were
back with Payton AND this year Hank 
was on our team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hudson was all about his games this year!!!
He knew exactly what was going on!
He loved every second of playing!
He mainly played first or pitcher AND  
he made several outs this season!!!!
Thankfully, he got to be his 
favorite number.....FiVE!!!
Little ones playing t-ball are so precious!
Hudson had some AWESOME hits
and he had a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hank & Hudson had quite the cheering section!!! :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Baseball Teacher Night :)

It's such an awesome feeling when
you get an invitation to 
Teacher Recognition Night
at the Midway Baseball Park.  
This means a current varsity baseball
player has chosen to honor you.
I was especially honored that 
this young man chose me!!!!
I just love Carson G:)
On the day of the game, 
the teachers wear their students' jersey.
That night they serve dinner to the teachers
and then we are called out onto the field
with our players.......
It's a really special night:)
Brandy was also honored so we had 
fun at the game that night!  
Carson is a wonderful young man.
I can pretty much name the boys 
whom I've had over the years and thought
how I hoped my sons would turn out like them.  
Just boys on the right path....
Carson is definitely one of those students.
I was so honored that he chose me.  
Little did he know that I had already
chosen HIM to receive my English II 
award for the year!  :)  
It's going to be fun watching #24
the next two years play baseball!  

Monday, August 10, 2015

Walker, My Young Man

I've always thought my Walker D.
is pretty amazing, but when I hear
it from his teachers, too...well,
that just makes my heart swell!
He sure is growing up though.  
AND he's pretty much a typical guy...
he wouldn't have anything to do with 
shopping for a white shirt
for his upcoming choir concert. 
So of course I shopped and brought 
them home for him to try on.  
Men's ADULT size shirts now!!!!!!!!!!
He's so cute I can hardly stand it!!!
But my favorite.  My favorite part
of the he always, always
always asks me to come and say a prayer
with him before he goes to bed
(and scratch his back for just a minute!)
This young man.  
My handsome 12 year old son
 blesses his mama more
than he could ever, ever imagine!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hadlee McCall

Nine Years Old:)
My little girl is growing up.
I wish I could bottle her up.
Her giggle.  Her happiness.  Her sweetness.
Her precious little heart.
What I don't want to bottle up is
when a friend sends me a boy's
instagram page that has Hadlee
listed as his CRUSH?!??!!!!?
WHaT?  They are in the 3rd grade;)
She is a cutie pie though:)
She's a little bit of Heaven on earth:)

Friday, August 7, 2015

T-Dawg's Aggie Mini-Van

My husband is about as manly as you can get.
He has only ever driven a truck 
and that's probably all he will ever drive.
So you can imagine my surprise
when someone hit his truck
and he had to get a rent car.......
and this is what he showed up in!!!!!!!!!!!!
He was ALL about his Aggie Mini-Van!!!!!!!!!!!!
We were cracking up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And he made us go driving with him!!!!
Pierce Party of Five...
...cruising in Daddy's new mini-van!!!!!!!!!
Troy and the kids LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He didn't even call the place to see
when his truck would be ready.
He was all about his mini-van!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't lie.
I loved it, too!!!!!!!!!!
Surprise Surprise!
Kicked back cruising in the
Aggie Mini-Van!!!!!!!! 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Creek

They love going to the creek!
I just love going anywhere with them:)