Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Baseball Teacher Night :)

It's such an awesome feeling when
you get an invitation to 
Teacher Recognition Night
at the Midway Baseball Park.  
This means a current varsity baseball
player has chosen to honor you.
I was especially honored that 
this young man chose me!!!!
I just love Carson G:)
On the day of the game, 
the teachers wear their students' jersey.
That night they serve dinner to the teachers
and then we are called out onto the field
with our players.......
It's a really special night:)
Brandy was also honored so we had 
fun at the game that night!  
Carson is a wonderful young man.
I can pretty much name the boys 
whom I've had over the years and thought
how I hoped my sons would turn out like them.  
Just boys on the right path....
Carson is definitely one of those students.
I was so honored that he chose me.  
Little did he know that I had already
chosen HIM to receive my English II 
award for the year!  :)  
It's going to be fun watching #24
the next two years play baseball!  

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