Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hudson...Our Dude Perfect

Hudson.  He is just Hudson.  
This is the door to his bedroom...
I don't let the kids hang stuff on their walls,
but I do allow closet doors and now
obviously bedroom doors;)
These are all things he has chosen...
I love him.  

Huds and his Best Buds:)
How cute are they?!?
He loves his friends...
And he adores Baby Bax...
seriously he loves this baby boy so, so much!
Kicked back waiting to pick up sister:)
He's my only child who will drink
Coke, Dr. Pepper, Cherry Coke, etc.

He LOVES to do trick shots
of all sorts...he makes most of 
them up on his own.  
He knocked all the Aggie cups
down by throwing the football at them.  
This was another "trick shot"...
but with a ping pong ball!
Silly Sister helped on this one;)
Huds is very serious about 
his trick shot videos!
Had to call in Big Brother 
to help with this one...
Walker suggested a hair dryer to help
move the ping pong ball along...
And of course Walker was up to 
his usual antics!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Another Hudson favorite is how
he likes to pretend he is hurt
and in the hospital;)
He gets VERY into character
and loves when brother and sister
participate with him;)
Dr. Walker :)
And sister visiting with flowers;)

The little guy was so excited
when Daddy brought home 
his TBall jersey and hat!!!!!!
#5 on the Blue Flash Team
And he wants to be a 
catcher like his big brother:)
you ARE our Dude Perfect.

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