Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hadlee's 7th Birthday PARTY!!!

PARTY Day for our Super Sweet and Special
SEVEN year old Hadlee McCall!!!
We had this party at our church gym & game room:)
It was one of my favorite parties EVER...
she was just so excited & happy.
She was very specific about who to invite ~
friends from her class and then other
friends she has made this year,
plus a few of her sweet friends
from kindergarten.  I just love
watching her make friendships!!!
I love her SO much (:
Plus such a cute theme...all her favorite
colors, polka dots and stripes!!!
(Absolutely LOVE my cake lady, Lisa, at the
Great American Cookie Company...she hooks me UP!)
Kate, Hadlee, Mary Alice, Kimi
Watching the boys in the gym!  Uh oh(;
How cool is it that even Logan got up
on a Saturday morning to come to
Hadlee's party!  He loves her!!!
Playing games!!!
Would NOT be a party for us
without these handsome guys!!!!!!!!!
This little love waited right here ever
so patiently;) for time to do cake!!! 
The boys were obessessed with the games!
BUT also obsessed with the gym!  Walker was
 determined to set up a huge kick ball game!!! 
The girls were just darling!!!
Especially this one!  She was just so happy
to be having her party with her little friends!
She had a great group for her 7th Birthday party!
I hope she never forgets it!!!
They were a little crazy, too!!!
LOVE the SiLliNeEss!!!  (:
Pierce Party of Five would not be complete
 OR as sweet without our Haddie Cakes! 
We love YOU, Baby Girl (:
Singing Happy Birthday...
Gotta love having a big brother;)
You are LOVED, Little Girl! 
Sweet family, Sweet friends
What would I do without my
faithful house party member, Robin?!? 
He finally got his cake! (:
We love Beautiful LaLa!!!
Happy Daddy/Happy Mommy
 Always silly, too (;
LOVE how they came in the theme colors!!!  ;)
Beautiful and kind Aunt Michelle...
Sweet & Beautiful Grandmother
Obsessed!!!  ha!
Cutie Pie Mary Alice
Huds enjoyed his ice cream, too!  
Time to open presents!!!
Super Girl!!!!!!
More things for Saige!
Hello JUSTICE clothes!!!
Thank you, Brynlee!
A Barbie from Brynna
What in the world from the Reeds!?!?!
OH noooo they diiiiient!  Roller Skates!!!
With the coolest helmet EVER;)
Kimi knows this girl!
Mrs. Miller actually went to the
American Girl store to get Hadlee a gift!!!
Kristi will make a wonderful mother-in-law! ;)
 An adorable dress for McKenna!!!
Cannon and Cade know Miss Hadlee, too!
Friends LEGOS!  Amanda will also
make a wonderful mother-in-law!
LOVE our C/Kanons!!!
So many sweet friends...
Of course!
THE Nike shirt she asked Grandmother for...
PLUS her first pair of MISS ME jeans!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, Grandmother & PaPa!!! :)
But probably her favorite gift...
The tent set from the Wishmeiers for her Am.Girl Dolls!!!
Definitely an American Girl year!!!
Kimi, Haddie, Caroline, Mary Alice, Brynna, Brynlee
We love the guys in our life!
Next up...playing outside on the playground!!!
Best guy friends!
Hudson fell head over heels in LOVE with LaLa!!!
We sure are going to miss her:(
One of my favorite pictures of the day...
Hadlee loves Casey & Robin so much.
I love that she has them!
They love her so much, too.  
Playground + Lauren = Happy Hudson
This girl loves her Daddy!!!
He absolutely adores his princess!
Big Strong Daddy, Sweet Fun Girl
Pretending to be on a roller coaster!
I couldn't love my mommy friends more!!!
The 'Swishes in the gym! ;)
Love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seems like just yesterday we were
celebrating Logan's 7th birthday!
Now he's an 18 year old MAN;(
Treat bags for the girls...
And for the boys...
I think everyone had a great time!!!
Caroline...another one moving this summer:(
Best Buds!
Handsome Bo from her class!
Cute Braden from her class!
Cameron & Brynna
What would I ever do without my family?
Precious, fun friends....Logan!
Logan is the best big cousin!!!
He loves his little cousins...
and they worship him!
Hudson was in good hands at
Haddie Girl's party!  AND in love;)
CUTie PIES!!!  Kanon Love!
Love that Kimi & Hadlee are still so close!
 Playing with all the new stuff at home!!!;)
Hadlee couldn't wait to dress up McKenna
in the outfit the Millers got her!  
The party kept on going the next day!
Mamaw and PaPa Jimmy came
to love on their girl
and spoil her (and her dolls!)
Mamaw made alllll kinds of
 doll clothes for McKenna & Saige!
Such cute stuff!!!  and LOTS of it!
McKenna needed a party to go to!!!
It was also off to Build-a-Bear that
day for Hadlee to spend her gift card
from her friend, Logan!
One of Haddie's HAPPY places:)
More wishes:) 
I hope they all come true!!!
Little Bro talked me into a bear, too! ;)
How could I resist this little guy?
How about this little girl?!?
With her new bears from Logan,
in her precious bow from Mary Alice,
a purse from her friend Luke,
and in her darling Toms from the Millers!

Back to school on Monday in her
new Justice shirt from Brynlee!
Hadlee McCall,
You are such a delight and joy
to everyone you meet!
You melt my heart and you make me smile!
I pray your seventh year of life
is full of God's love and lots of blessings!
 "I thank my God every time I remember you."
Philippians 1:3