Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mother's 76th Birthday!

July 18th was my beautiful mother's
76th Birthday!!! Such a special day:)
She certainly doesn't look 76!!!
We were ALL so excited to
celebrate our amazing mother/
Best Grandmother:)
 I hope her wish comes true. 
She deserves it:)
Keeping her stylish;)
I laughed all afternoon over the cards
my kids made her.  Hadlee made a huge,
fabulous card.  Hudson made a funny,
cute one and then last minute Walker
made his ~ black sharpie, sweet words,
nothing else.  When he saw Hadlee's
card before we left the house, he
asked for his back.  He wanted to add
some "stars" to it;)
We LOVED that Aunt Kitty
and Uncle Ron were able to join us!!!  :)
Knowing that Trav was headed
to CNS the next week made us
all hug him a little tighter than usual:)
I couldn't love this lady more. 
She's my mother and my best friend:)
Troy loves "mom", too;)
Dad and his "older" woman;)

Seriously "76" NeVeR looked so good!
 Happy Birthday to my beautiful and wonderful
 and giving and kind-hearted Mother/Grandmother.
 She's the heart of our family!
 And she's funny...oh, how our mother is FuNNy!
 Recently she got an iPhone and
has learned how to text!!!! It has been a riot! 
Some nights we have just all gotten
on a big group text with her and we
laugh and laugh at her witty
and funny responses!!!!!!!!!
 EVERYTHING is an LOL to her!
She is everything a mother should be
and we couldn't love her more. 
 We loved being together as
 a family to celebrate her...
but missed our Macy Girl and our Hunter B!


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Football and Cheer

On July 14th, Walker had his first
football practice!!!  This is his
first experience playing tackle football
and this program is serious business!
The first practice was a killer:(
Walker had never been through REAL
conditioning like this and I didn't
know how he was going to like it
after that first practice. 
He did awesome that night during
the was just afterwards
when he let it all out how hard it
was!!!  But he hung with it
and the next night, it was like he went
on a football high...he LOVED it!
Maybe it was knowing what it
was like and being over that part.
It's been football, football, football
ever since!!!  First week was shorts
and t-shirts (it is only about 100 degrees
while they practice!!!), the next week
helmets and the third week ~
full pads.  Still 100 degrees, too;(
And guess who is one of the
cheerleaders for Walker's TriCity
Panthers Team?!?
This girl...and she has cheer practices
during his practices!!!!!
Hudson has play ground practice
during their practices;)
This pains me to watch:(
Bear crawls and all sorts of other
sprints and drills. 
Football has also brought on the
need for lots of new equipment!!!!!!!!!
New pants, practice jersey, pads,
gloves, shoes, and even a fancy
BUT SAFE (I hope) helmet!!!!!!!!
Hadlee is SO over this!
She just wants some cheer shoes;)
AND this guy???
He just wanted these stickers for
his face...and to pretend like
he's going to football practice, too.
Water jug and all.  
So happy to be on the team with the
Moores which calls for more Haley time!!!  :)
The little sister cheerleaders...
Haley, Nadalie, Hadlee
The cheers are a RIOT!
Especially the "Boom Boom Power"...
Daddy has made it clear that Hadlee
can have the boom boom,
but NOT the power!!!!!!!!!!!
Apparently the boys CAN have the
BooM BooM PoWeR though...
because I got them on video doing
that very cheer!!!  And it's Priceless!
Go Panthers!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Days Part 4 with "LoTS Of"

LoTS of Coke!
Try as I may...I'm just not a Starbucks
girl ~ faking or for real.
I'm a one dollar large Coke
from McDonald's girl through and through:)
LoTS of Realizations!
When did I grow up to be old
enough to have an 11 year old son
needing size ELEVEN men's football
cleats AND a jock?!?
LoTS of Dr. G:(
Right after we got back from JW,
Hadlee had swimmers ear:(
That child has no pain tolerance and
this was painful.  She cried for days.
Then Sweet Little Guy came down
with a virus himself.  Thankful
for our doctor who took care of both:)
LoTS of Haley!!!
A Friday night out for Mommy & Daddy
while they had a BLaST with their
fave girl, Haley!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously no worries when
leaving them with this sweet girl:)
LoTS of trick shots!!!
These three guys spent an entire
Saturday filming trick shots
for a video!  They crack me up!!!
Boys on a mission
and their video RoCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go Bro Pro:)
LoTS of Cooking Out!
Daddy's hamburgers are the best!!!
LOTS of football lately!!!!!!!!!!
LoTS of "running routes"...
LoTS of Wii!!!!!!!!!
LoTS of Shows by my favorite
girl and her precious friend:)
LoTS of outfit changes;)
LoTS of chilling out and having FuN!!!!!!!
Most of all we have LoTS of
HUGS in our house.
I mean A LoT!!!!!!!!!
These good morning snuggles
are absolutely PRiCeLeSS...
 I give LoTS of thanks...
"Give thanks to the God of heaven;
for his loving kindness endures forever."
Psalm 136:26