Monday, December 31, 2012


 This little girl holds my heart:)
This was taken at church the Sunday
before Christmas.  Notice who was back
in a smocked dress;)  A win for mommy!!!
Sometimes I'm just mesmerized
watching this sweet little thing...
she's perfect to me.  
Her giggle is the cutest sound
in the world and she finds the
the most silly things to laugh about...
It's funny that she was wearing these teeth
at the pizza place during Walker's
recent basketball tournament because........

She also lost a tooth that day!!!
(Front top left)
Poor girl has such anxiety over losing
teeth and the tooth fairy coming ;(
She's sweet and sensitive and silly!
I just adore her!!!
"The King is enthralled by your beauty;
 honor Him, for he is your Lord."
  Psalm 45:11

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Proud. To Say the Least:)

Walker's principal recently called
and told us that he was choosing Walker
to be spotlighted in a new,
local publication.  South Bosque is the
first elementary to be showcased
in the magazine and out of all of his
550 students, Mr. Everett chose Walker!
We were beyond proud to say
the very, very least!!!!!!!!!!
I wrote about it in this post:
My mother called me one day last week
to let me know that as she was flipping
through a new magazine called
"Woodway Life" she came across this page:
Of course, we ran out to our mailbox to
see if one had arrived for us!!!
"Hewitt Life" indeed had come...
We were so excited:)
Students were also showcased from
the high school and the middle school.
Walker is in very good company!!!
I was in Walker's classroom a couple of
days after it came out.  A guy in his
class walked up to me with it in his hand
and asked if I had seen it.  ha!;)
I then asked him if he had brought it
for Walker to have as an extra and he said,
"No!  I brought it for Walker to sign for me!"
Sweet Jed!  I love these 4th grade boys:)
I love what his teacher, Mrs. Wellborn,
wrote:  "Walker is a special student
because he is wise beyond his years,
and one who shows great compassion with
kindness and consideration for
others, and the willingness to go
above and beyond what is expected
of him."  Makes this mama CRY!!!
You never know if and when
a child can change or something
can change him or her,
so we certainly celebrate
an honor like this!!!
Walker answered all of the questions
on his own.  I had never even heard
of the song he chose as his favorite
and of course I looked it up on YouTube
to make sure it was okay!  ha!
After he finished his questions, I added;) a
few things (like I play with my little brother &
 sister when I get home from school) but
before we sent it in and he saw my
"additions", he made me remove them! 
hee hee!  I love his answer for what
he does right before he goes to bed...
"pray" ~ and he certainly does ~
no matter what!
Sweet Boy.  Love of my Life.
Troy has also cracked me up over this. 
I swear he has been carrying around
the magazine everywhere and showing
it to anyone who will look. 
We are just a little;) proud
and a WHOLE lot thankful!!!!!!!!
Praying this verse over and over
for my two sons........
"May our sons increase in wisdom
and in stature and in favor
with God and man."
Luke 2:52

Friday, December 28, 2012

Oh! What Fun!

I tried a couple of times
(not very hard)
to get a "Christmas Card" picture,
but then I quickly gave up!  ha!
I finally decided to go with this family pic
(even though I've shared it quite a bit already)
when I saw this "Oh!  What Fun!" card...
I loved getting to capture our little
family for the back of the card...
Receiving Christmas cards is the BEST...
I have the most beautiful friends and family!  :)
And the angel said to them,
“Fear not, for behold, I bring
you good news of great joy that
will be for all the people." 
Luke 2:10

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gingerbread Girls

Wonder if she'll still want to dress
 like her mommy in a few years?!?
Trust me...I know the answer;(
This particular day I was actually going to
her class to work with them on a project
and she loved that we were dressed alike! 
I love you,
Sweet Gingerbread Girl!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Seeing Santa 2012

Ho Ho Ho!
Merry Christmas!!!
Last week, we went to
see Santa with the Barkleys...
Hank & Ella aren't too fond of Santa just yet!;)

I love Santa's expression in this one!
Hudson stepping right up!!!
Sweet Kate talking to Santa:)
ALL smiles for Santa this year!!!!!!!!
"Happy Happy Happy"
Hudson talking to Santa...
Hadlee talking to Santa...
Walker talking to Santa...
I HOPE my Walker D. still believes!!!
After ALL three told Santa something
that I had NEVER heard them say
they wanted, they were off!!!!!!!!!!!
A sleigh full of LOVE!!!
Chick-fil-a to finish off our night...
...where a man came to our table and told Kelli
and me that he had been admiring our
kids and how sweet they were to one another!
He said it restored his hope in
parenting and children!  ha!  These kids?!?  ;)
Feeling so thankful for sweet, precious
souls like Kate, Hank and Ella in my
babies' lives.  Forever grateful for my
best friend, CoCo, too!!!  :)
"My heart leaps for joy and I will
give thanks to Him..."
Psalm 28:7

Saturday, December 22, 2012

December Days Involve ...

Shopping at my fave store...
LAUGHING at my "model" kids...
Trying to figure out what this kid is doing?!????!!!!
Enjoying my parents and their new car...
a little SUV!!!:)
Hoping Hadlee gets some Barbies for Christmas...
Since she obviously needs some!  ;)
Cracking up!  ;)
Looking at Christmas Lights...
Going to church and learning about
the ultimate Superhero!!!
Never missing a beat;)
Enjoying my students who wear
tacky Christmas sweaters just like
my mother used to wear!!!
Posing for pics for my little Hudson;)
Loving these two brothers...
Dealing with a yucky cold and ear infection
(although never complaining),
 and being such a big boy at the doctor!
Being devastated over the news
that Josh Hamilton is no longer
a Texas Ranger;(  Poor Walker
just happened to have on this shirt
the day I picked him up from school
and had to break the news to him:(
Playing with Sweet Kate Kate!
Practicing basketball twice a week...
Cherishing the beautiful Christmas
decorations around our house...
especially the beautiful and precious
ornaments on our tree
 that ALL have such meaning to me!!!
"LOVE" my new ones from the
Oakleys and the Reeds:)
"For the Lord your God is living among you.
He is a mighty savior. 
He will take delight in you with gladness.
With his love, he will calm all your fears.
He will rejoice over you with joyful songs."
Zephaniah 3:17