Thursday, February 27, 2014

Friday Night "Date"

Hadlee and Jersi went to Flips
Friday Fun Night ...
and had a BLaST!!!!!!!!!!!
 Walker went out to eat and to the Baylor
SLC in honor of his buddy Justin's
birthday.  Justin invited him and Cade.
THIS was the picture that Justin's
mom sent me late Friday night.
I about fell off my bed laughing!!!!!!!!
Meanwhile, I had the best date EVeR
with this precious, sweet little soul!!!
He had been asking me when we could
go to 3 Spoons "just me & you" for a long time.
Daddy was off helping his parents,
Hadlee and Walker had it
was the PeRFeCT time!!!!!!
And he could NOT have been a better date:)
He is just pure love.
Thank you, Sweet Jesus, for my Hudsy Puds.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Walker had his fifth grade choir program
on Thursday, February 20th.
My handsome eleven year old is
quite groovy to me and to his
brother and sister.....
I love that Walker has so many great friends:)
He also had a fan club;)
Jersi's sister is in Walker's class so
Jersi came and sat with us:)
I have been AMAZED at how much
Walker loves choir!!!  I would have
never dreamed he would like it so much.
All of his buddies and he have a blast
in choir!!!  Makes me so happy!
I think his incredible teacher
has a lot to do with it :)
Love seeing my tall, handsome boy up there!
For "Surfin' USA", Walker and
several of his buddies came down
to dance?!?  He didn't even tell me
this (nor did any of the other boys
tell their moms!) so I could hardly
see his "dance" routine!!! 
It was too cute though:)
What's even funnier is that when
Mrs. Koch first told the class about
the program, Walker came home
and told me that he did NOT sign
up for any dancing parts.  I was so
bummed and told him he totally should.
He said all of his friends signed up
(which I did give him credit
for standing true to himself if
he didn't want to dance!), but finally
he told me why he didn't...
"MOM, there might be couples' dancing!!!"
Everybody surfin'....Surfin' USA!
They were awesome!!!
During "Hound Dog" their assistant
principal came out as Elvis!!!
Elvis was in the building!!!
The songs were so awesome and
the program was fantastic!!!!!!!!
We have a little "mom" group
and we all ordered our guys
the same tie dye shirts;)
Jared & Walker carried the
BASS line for "Walk Like a Man"...
Walker was so pumped over this part!!!
Cade had the soprano line!
They even had motions!!!!!!!!!!
One day Walker told me that Jared
really has a much deeper voice than
he does!  ha ha!  I told him that was okay;)
PROUD of these handsome guys!
Taking their bows;)
Mrs. Koch is truly amazing...
leading these children singing and some
playing instruments PLUS playing the guitar!!!
One of Walker's buddies did get
a couple's dancing part and he just
happened to be right smack in front of me!
He was dying at me taking his
picture AND videoing! 
We mamas stick together;)
"We Go Together"!!!!!!!!!!
Class of 2021!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are so thankful for Walker and
his many friends! Such great guys:)
Mrs. Litton ~ his wonderful art teacher
and our dear friend from forever!!!!!
Mrs. Koch ~ she also happens to be
a dear friend of ours!  I just love
that my baby boy is getting to have
these ladies!!!  Mrs. Koch also taught
Hunter & Logan! :)
With Mrs. Holland ~ the Principal :)
I just love her, too!!!  Her husband
who passed away this year :( was my
principal/boss for many years at MHS ~
I loved him so much.  Plus I taught
their son French in high school.  
Look who is as tall as Grandmother!!!
She loved the program so much and
also loved getting to see Mrs. Koch!
Being GRooVY makes you really tired!
This is how I found Walker shortly after
we got home that night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Next year Walker has to make a choice
between art, choir and band.  He has made
it very clear that he is choosing choir...
I hope he sticks with it all through high school!!!
So proud of this groovy guy!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Super Boy at FouR

Afternoon DeLiGHT!!!!!!!!!!
Huds and I were walking around
Baylor while Trav was in speech.
We went to our usual spot to
make a wish.  After this sweet boy
 threw his penny in, he said,
"I hope to maweee (marry) mommy someday!"
He truly, totally and completely
melts my ever lovin' heart.
He is pure LOVE!
Sweet Boy, I love you THAT much
and soooooooooo much more!!!
He found another heart in the cement!!!!!!!!!!!
He is my heart:)
Unfortunately that afternoon didn't
stay quite so delightful:(
We had to go to his FOUR year old
check-up with Dr. Graham.
Huds was such a big boy as usual
and literally a big boy, too!
He was 44 1/2 inches tall which put
him in the 99 percentile for height
and he weighed 44 1/2 pounds which
put him in the 96 percentile for weight.
Dr. G told me not to tell Walker,
but he thinks Huds will be bigger
than him!  Must be all that milk!!!!!!
Poor guy had to get four shots
at four years old:(((
That just about broke his heart
and mine:(
We celebrated that evening with
dinner at his choice ~ Chickfila!!!
Super Boy...
We LOVE You!