Sunday, March 12, 2017

Father's Day BASEBALL Weekend

This June weekend started Friday
night at a beautiful field in Austin...
Huds was in his "bull pen"!!!!!!
A little bit windy;)
Ready to PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was HOT!
Top of the WORLD!!!
Oh the things I find on my 
phone after a night out for baseball;)
The next day we had to divide
and conquer.  I got Walker & Storm duty!:)
I had a fun traveling partner though!
I was good with Walker duty;)
Walker bats in the #3 slot.  
A TRIPLE for #25!
It was a great day of baseball!
That afternoon my boy pitched!
He did awesome!
This little cutie pie was playing in his
first select tournament for Midway!!!
Oh how this mama hated missing it:(
Midway Storm Boys
We dropped Amanda and Z off 
and this guy was exhausted!!!!!!!!!!
Lonely Mama;)
But he was rip roarin' and rarin' to 
go the next morning back in Austin!!!
Father's Day Baseball
I was so happy to have my little man
back.  He had an AWESOME first 
tournament.  He played FIVE games!!!
We had a little rain shower that
held off the game for a little bit...
Huds joined them on the field;)
A little rain doesn't bother these two!
Waiting for the lightening to clear...
Back at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Frog towel lovin' kid!!!
STORM WINS!!!!!!!!!!
We beat the 12's for this championship!
It was a great game that could have 
gone either way.  So glad we stayed on top!!!
Way to Go, Boys!
The "DUBYA" with Big Huds!
Happy Father's Day, DADS!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought this was awesome!
Look at #25 & his Dad :)
And even more PROUD!!!
Esther stealing her lovin' from Huddy!
Pierce Party of Five!
Daddy Girl Love, too!!!!!
I ❤ my #25's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Such a great weekend of baseball!