Sunday, March 12, 2017

Rainy STORM Weekend in Dallas

Another weekend of baseball?!?
Wahooooo!  Let's Do This!!!
Beautiful drive to the Big City...
UNTiL we got close to the 
ball park!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously!!!!!!
OUR field was the only one
rained out!!!!!!!!!!!  Are you kidding me!
We didn't have happy campers:(
We got checked in at the hotel
with the Cromies and some others
only to hear that the entire
tournament had been cancelled!
We decided to stay and make it
a fun weekend!!!!! :)
These two certainly didn't mind!!!  
I had a pretty cute date
while the adults gathered up 
somewhere else!  ;)))
We had a BLAST!
Never a dull moment;)
These two!!!!!!!  
They are THE cutest!:)
The twinning never ends!!!!!!!!
Hotel Shenanigans with my Fave Four!
The weekend turned out awesome!
Plus we got our Christmas Card picture! 
ha ha!

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