Sunday, March 12, 2017

Dad Days ~ June

Just another day at WW..............
We love our "friends" there SO MUCH!
The LOOK;)
My heart melts and breaks at 
the same time when these things
pop up on my phone...
I'm so thankful for such sweet memories!!!
Hudson made this for PaPa's 
room...I love how he chose
to make it.  Go Bears;)
Father's Day 2016...
We had just finished a tournament
in Austin and rushed back to Waco
to see PaPa at the nursing home.  
It really did seem like he was looking
at what the kids had made him.
Maybe he was...
or maybe for a fleeting moment he was.
We will take it!
I love you, Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sometimes he just won't look 
at the camera!!!  
I love this one!!!
Troy loves "Dad"!
I love these three with all my heart and soul.....
My two favorite Baylor Bears!  :)
A special bond...
Dad's only son:)
Well, hello there, Dorothy!  
Mom got THE LOOK;)
Looking good in his new Baylor
shirt we got him!  I love how Mom
takes the absolute best care of him...
Poor Charles...wearing Troy's
shirt. Prayers for this man.  
We'd love to know what happened to him:(
I love this lady!
99 years young and fun!
So cool...we found part of Dad's
coin collection.  He had quite the 
collection and I remember as a little
girl getting so excited when he would
pull it out to show people.
He took pristine care of his coins.  
Actually he took exquisite care of all of his things.  
My sweet dad:)
I fell in love with this sweet
old man.  He was so precious!!!
He became one of our favorites!
Dad & I FaceTiming with Huds!
Mother had Dad all fixed up!
UH oh!
It's crazy how normal he can look;
yet, he's so gone:(
That's okay.  
We are going to love him through this.  
I love you, Dad!  

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