Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hudson's Midway Select Team

Drove in from Walker's tournament
and switched to red/blue 
for HUDSON'S first opportunity at
select ball!!!  He had just been asked
to join a little Midway team
and he was PUMPED!
I was so proud of him.  
He jumped right in...such a STUD!
He and another little boy were 
the youngest ones!
He hit every time at bat!
His first bat was a DOUBLE!!!!!!!!!!
YAY for Ann Marie...
Then my boy went in as CATCHER...
first time EVER...
and this mama couldn't believe it!!!
He was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He CAUGHT my heart a long time ago💘
They played two games against 
Lorena and Huds had a blast!!!
He is so stinkin' cute!
The two new guys, also the youngest...
Henry and Hudson...
...won their spots and and jerseys!!!!!!!!!!

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