Thursday, March 9, 2017

June 2016

Putting in the work with
Coach Jonathan!  
Both boys!!!
Mother found my first Cabbage Patch Doll.
It was before the boxed ones came out
when all of my friends and I were
desperate for these homemade ones.  
I loved "Melinda LaVaughn"
very much:)  I took her home with me.
We told Hudson she was his girlfriend
and we did stuff like this to him;)
I laughed so hard when I found
this in Hudson's folder...
his favorite song?
"The Whip and Nae Nae"!!!!!!

We always go to the dentist the 
first week of summer!!!
Walker and Hadlee didn't have
any cavities.  Hadlee needed to have
some sealants put in to prevent a couple
that could possibly turn into cavities.  
Unfortunately Hudson had some cavities.
He's the one of the three that takes
the best care of his teeth...
our doctor told us it's a case 
of bad genetics for him:(
I encouraged Walker to write his
teachers and thank them for a great year.
I told him that I would help him.
Instead, he did it on his own 
initiative.  I loved this so much!
This girl is pure SUNSHINE!
Being in a pool is our favorite summer spot!
A typical drive in our car!  ;)
Hudson is such a swimmer now!
Even jumping off the diving board
at the Moore's!!!!!!!!
You go, Boy!
An afternoon spent with our Haley
Girl makes for the perfect summer day!
Grandmother got new carpet
and it looks so nice:)
Her favorite Golden State Warrior agreed!
We ❤ Summer!
Halie & Hadlee are so fun!
Even if their big brothers are too cool to swim with us;)
We had LOTS of baseball trips...
and Ella & Hadlee took their outfit
planning to all new levels!!!
Hadlee approved of 
Grandmother's new floors!  
Just miss PaPa in his chair :(
This was such an exciting event! 
 I feel like we all went through 
medical school with Brian!
So proud of our Dr. B!!!!!
Speaking of baseball...
lots of random hotel stays!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We love SUMMER!
My George Washingtons!  :)
It really is like Hadlee has a big sister:)
This poor kid is SO tough!!!
I hate that he had to have dental work done.
Daddy's genetics to blame!!!!!!!!
Celebrating my sweet hoodie's
50th!  She and I love to pray BiG
together.  I love her so much!
This kid is obsessed!!!!!!!
And this kid is DRIVEN!!!!!!!!
My house is a gym about 99% of the time;)
My backyard is a football/baseball field:)
And a gymnastics floor, too!
Hudson brings SO MUCH JOY!!!!!!!!!!
You just can't help but love him
so, so much.  He's pure love.  
The amazing Mrs. Cates had a few of 
the her "girls" over to eat and swim.
Hadlee LOVED it!
Huds & Hank joined them afterwards!
Plus Mrs. Cates gave Hadlee this
"boot"!!!!!!  haaaaaaaaaa!
The front yard is a baseball diamond!  ;)
They dab.  A lot.  
I'm about as girly girl as you can get;
yet, I'm not a products person.
I tried some mascara that Hoda suggested;)
And of course had to send these 
silly pics to my mom and sisters:)
Sweet Grandmother, we love you.  
Her 13 year old grandson!  ;)
Sister gave Huds a new hair do!!!!!!!!!
Dad loves to play on our baseball diamond, too!  
Hadlee's precious friend Hayden
moved away.  He had some friends
over to swim before he left.
Hayden will be missed!
Such a cute guy and he sure did
love my girl!!!!!!!!!!
Have I mentioned our "outside"
basketball court?!?
I ran across this.
Spot. On.  
Cadence & Hadlee have so much fun together!
They texted me this from Cado's.....
Right back at ya, girls!!!!!!!
Monday through Thursday of the entire
summer meant THiS for Walker...
working out for football.
He missed ONE time and that 
was only because we were out
of town for baseball
(and the week of Sondays camp)...
Emoji CAKES!!!!!!!!!!!
They make a perfect little
treat for someone going through
a hard time!!!!!!!!!
He makes us ALL smile!!!!!!!!
Found this on my camera roll.
Looking back, I wish I had bought it!  ha!
When my sweet girl straightens my hair!!!!
I stopped by a precious new little store
in Waco Town and couldn't believe
when I found a baseball hat that says
Troy has always called me that ~ 
especially like on cards and notes.
I had no idea it was a thing;)!
The store even has this awesome
Bible verse on it's packages!!!!
I ❤ FaceTiming with my girl, too!
Beautiful skies around my house...
God is so good.  I love summer nights.  
Sister is learning how to braid on Mommy's hair!
SCARY!  ha!
Paige and I met our favorite BRO
for lunch!!!  We are going to miss this guy 
so much...prayers as he heads out
in the mission field!!!  What a guy!
Our summer revolves around our
baseball calendar and our youth group calendar!
OH and water trampoline!;)
Hudson's summer also revolves around this:
PLUS lots of practice on his
 indoor basketball court 
(which is the hall way to their rooms!!!).  
He asked if we could have 
the A&M insignia put on the floor
in the middle of the hall?!?!!!!!

Unfortunately, yes..................................

I love the sight of this little guy.
He's always got sports on his mind...
watching it on tv, playing it, or 
making line ups.   
The Big Guys went to Belton
to support Grayson's little Bro, Grant!
All Brothers!  I love it.  
I just love this summer sight...
EXCEPT when Hudson goes
what we call "Beast Baby"!!!!
He goes crazy if you make him
mad.  We laugh 'til we cry when 
he goes after sister!!!!!!!!
I ❤ FaceTiming with this Boy!
Happy Girls:)
These three guys!!!
They really do love each other.......
We crack up at how affectionate they are 
with one another.  They are MESSES!!!!!!!
Seeing my three outside playing
together makes my heart so happy!
Beating this guy in some one-on-one 
also makes me happy!  ;)
Except maybe I don't really beat him;)
How cute is he?!?
Summer days leave me feeling so grateful.......

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