Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Last Week at a Glance

Hadlee got the game "Would You Rather?"
for Easter.  It's such a funny game!!!
I would be the richest person in the
world if I could bottle up this little
girl's giggle!!!  I swear it's the cutest
sound there EVER was!!!!!!!!!!!
On the Monday holiday after Easter,
we finally got to spend the day
with our B/F/F's ~ The Barkleys!!!
Chickfila & the Park!!!
(Big Jo came, too!)
Loved spending time with them!!!
T-ball Practice...Huds had me
cracking up cuz he just had to put
on his Spiderman batting gloves
He also got his team jersey...
and he's #FIVE!!!!!!!!!!
His fave number!!!  He immediately
put it on and when we got home
he laid it out with his Nike pants
and his hat for the next day:)
Missing Daddy while
he was out of town:(
We love that Jonathan rides home with us
on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Last week
one day happened to be his BIRTHDAY!:)
That called for a Sonic trip!!!
A random Walker selfie
on his Instagram!!!
Love him so much:)
Speaking of Instagram,
Walker found this post on Logan's
from last year.  Made me smile so big:)
 Hudson with his "pet"...
a lady bug he named "Little Lady"!
He and Hadlee were all about this
little lady bug that Hudson caught.
Sadly I made them let her go
the next day.  Just had to... :(
Have I mentioned how this little
guy brings so much JOY and LOVE
to our little family?
He makes my everyday!!!!!!!!!
I love being mommy to
Walker, Hadlee & Hudson:)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter 2014

Early Easter Morning...they had all come
to get snuggled up in mommy and daddy's bed!
The Easter Bunny has so much fun 
at our house!!!!!!!!!! ;)
Love seeing how the Easter Bunny
captures each of their current little
personalities in their baskets:)
Nike, Rangers, Video Game
Chevron, American Girl, Teacher Stuff
Spiderman, Legos, Baseball
The Easter Bunny buys stuff here 
and there for a long time;)
Their Bunny likes to give them things
they need...a new hoodie, beach towels, etc!
A new Ranger shirt for an upcoming game:)
And fun, cute, sweet stuff, too!!!
Even stuff the Easter Bunny 
doesn't really like sometimes;(
We got ready and drove to Santa Anna
that morning to make it to church...
The Good Lord has BLESSED
me BEYOND MEASURE!!!!!!!!!!!
Ages 4, 7, 11
Hadlee chose her Easter outfit this year;(...
she had been begging for that chevron shirt!  
After hers was decided, then I picked the boys' shirts.
A navy striped theme for this year:)
Hudson is wearing a shirt 
that Walker wore one Easter!!!
These three keep me LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel like the luckiest mommy in the world!!!
I love them so much I could BURST!!!!!
My handsome Walker D...
so big and such a great kid!!!
He's just a great hearted person.   
And so funny!!!!!!!!!
I love this kid:)
My sweet girl is a pure delight!
She is spunky and sassy and so sweet!!!
She has such a style of her own, too!
This little guy is just pure love...
Such a sweet, precious soul!!!!!!!!!!!
There is NEVER a dull moment with these crazy three!
They love each other so much
and that makes me feel so good!!!
Uncle James and Aunt Cindy's house
made for a perfect photo shoot!
We love James & Cindy!!!
Pierce Party of Five
Happy to spend Easter with Mamaw...
AND Great Grandma Pierce
Of course with Jessica, too!!!  :)
Being in church with Grandma and Papa Robinett
makes for the very best Easter.  I've never
known a better couple and I'm so thankful 
to call them "my" grandparents.  Troy 
reached over and held Grandma's hand
during church and I noticed tears
in his eyes.  I love how he loves
his Grandparents. 
It is just something so special. 
Hudson was a riot during church!
He used his fingers to follow along 
in the hymnal with our singing:)
He had our entire row cracking up 
when he was trying to kiss me
during the prayer!!!!!!!!!
I think we counted 44 there from our family:)
All because of the two amazing people
seated in the middle!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No worries...Spiderman was secretly there, too!  ;)
Spiderman was ready for the rest of the day!!!
I hope to always be his Mary Jane!
It looked like he thought it
was Halloween!!! ;)
Aggie Bluebonnets at Aunt Jean's house!
Ready to Trick-or-Treat,
I mean hunt for Easter Eggs!!!
Loving on Grandma Robinett!
Cuzin Luvin'!!!!!!!!!!
Ready for the Big Hunt!!!
The eggs were hidden in
interesting places this year;)
And they were off!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sweet Spidey showing off his eggs:)
We love PaPa Robinett!!!!!!!!!!!
Precious Girl Cousins!
Everyone loves being at Aunt Jean's!!!
CoNFeTTi EggS!!!!!!!!!!
Then it started raining.  Luckily
Spiderman had his umbrella!!!
Baseball in the rain?  Sure!
Cupcakes, Cookies, Cousins :)
Troy walking out his favorite former
teacher!!!!!  He's still in love with her! ;)
What am I going to do?
This guy is getting too big!!!
We had such a great day
with family:)
So very, very thankful.
Because He lives,
we can face tomorrow!!!!!!!
~ The Gospel Truth ~
God loves you.
He sent His son to die for you.
That son took your place on the cross.
Today, He lives and His name is Jesus.
He offers you forgiveness, true joy,
sweet peace and ABUNDANT life. 

Praise be to the God and Father of our
Lord Jesus Christ!  In His great mercy, He
has given us new birth into a living hope
through the resurrection of
Jesus Christ from the dead...
1 Peter 1:3