Friday, March 29, 2013

Walker's Alamo Project

Apparently the ALAMO project has been and is
a BIG deal at South Bosque Elementary
for the 4th graders every year. 
Walker could.not.wait!!!
He knew from day one that he wanted
to build his Alamo out of Legos!
I, on the other hand, (after seeing many of
the amazing projects last year) worried how
in the world we would do this! 
Thank Goodness for DADDY!!!!!!!!!
He was just as excited as Walker.
They are two engineering peas in a pod;)
After many blue prints drawn by both,
one trip to the Lego store in Austin
and a couple Ebay orders for very specific parts...
my two favorite crazy big guys got busy!!!
It REALLY took some serious planning!
Father/Son bonding at its best!!!
IMPRESSIVE, Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've also been amazed at Walker's knowledge
of the Alamo and what all took place.
That boy is learning!!!!!!!
Much more than his mama ever did;(
I crack up at this picture...pretty typical...
Troy trying to fix one last thing!!!!!!
And Walker being goofy:)
SO proud of and SO in love with
these two guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ten years old and just everything
I'd ever dreamed of in a son!
I can take absolutely NO credit
in any aspect of this project;(
Maybe cheerleader?  I was certainly that:)
I absolutely LOVE how close these two are.
It's some kind of special! 
I had read in a book that little boys will and NEED
to reach a certain point and
make a shift from being "mama's baby boy"
to choosing to be like their daddy.
It's like part of the process of becoming
a man. They don't stop loving their mom
by any means, but there is supposed to be a shift...
(I think it was in Dr. Dobsen's Bringing Up Boys).
Well, this certainly happened with Walker.
It takes a great dad for this to happen, too.
I am blessed in that area.  I think raising
 a boy is SUCH a huge, HUGE thing. 
Close-ups of their AMAZING Alamo!!!!!!!!!
Walker made a 105 on the project
and Mrs. Bell loved it.  I cracked up
because Walker came home and told me
that during his presentation Mrs. Bell
asked him what he learned from making
this project.  He jokingly told her that
 'building an Alamo out of Legos is expensive!'
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  I about killed him for that!
We also told Hadlee that in a few years
she could turn in this VERY same project.
Her response,
"I don't like Legos!"
Oh well!!!!!!!
 Way to go, Walker and Troy!!!
We will always
REMEMBER the ALAMO!!!!!!!!!!:)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hunter in The Phantom of the Opera

We were alllllll so excited when Hunter
tried out for and got a role in Midway
High School's theater/musical production...
and also that it was
The Phantom of the Opera!!!
Midway's Fine Arts Department goes
all out for these productions and
this one was AMAZING!!!
I loved that Walker and Hadlee
insisted on going to see the Hunter B perform!!!
The entire family bought V.I.P. tickets
for the first night of the performance...
Hunter was set to perform in the Thursday
and Saturday night performances. 
Our family was so happy and thankful
that Hunter would finally get some
much deserved ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!
I cried when Lynna called me early, early
Thursday morning to tell me that
Hunter had been up all night with 103 fever...
she just knew it was the flu that was
going around:(  I called his teacher
as soon as I got to school to give her
the heads up.  Hunter was devastated
and wanted to still perform;(  Lynna
took him to the doctor:  FLU...
and no way could he/should he/or would they
let him perform with the flu:(((
I scrambled all day long to get us
tickets to the SOLD OUT performance
on Saturday night in the hopes that he
would be able to perform then. 
Poor, poor Hunter:(
THANKFULLY, he was better
by Saturday and we all had tickets again!:)
I was only able to secure one VIP ticket for
that night and of course Lynna got it!
But that was okay...we still had good seats.
The performance was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We weren't allowed to take pictures
during the show.  These were all taken afterwards. 
I would have loved to have been able to take
some of Hunter on stage in his role.   
It's hard to believe that there could be
THIS much talent in a high school!!!
I am not exaggerating at all!
Hunter was Monsieur LeFevre...
the original owner of the opera house.
He was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
In true Hunter B fashion, he had totally
down played his role so we were shocked
to see how much he DID speak and act
in the first part of the play!
Plus he was in the chorus and other random
spots throughout the rest of the play!
That's our boy!!!!!!!!!!
We were all beaming with pride!!

I love this kid so much!
Our Happy Go Lucky Loving Hunter B:)
Our beautiful little Hoodie, Carli!!!
She and Hunter are great friends.
LOVE them both so much:)
Hunter is loved by EVERYONE!
Still in character...and telling me
he was sick of pictures!
Give the papparazzi a break, Hunter B;)
Walker and Hadlee were so
 good during the long play. 
Very intrigued by it all. 
Hadlee did ask me when "half-time"
was which reminded me my children
might need a little more culture;)
Not everything is sports centered
with a half-time!  So, they also
learned the term "intermission"!!!
The entire cast was amazing...
the kids loved getting to meet the Phantom!
SUCH a fun night celebrating, honoring
and enjoying success for our
Hunter B!  He soooooo deserved it:)
I dare say that Walker & Hadlee
were his two biggest fans...
in the show and in life!!!
Bravo, Hunter B, Bravo!!!!!!!!
We are so proud of you
and we love you more than you
could EVER imagine!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Baseball Ready

This is a sight that makes me
Happy Happy Happy!!!
My fam outside playing baseball:)
Before basketball was even over,
Bubba was starting up baseball ~
the batting cages, playing catch with Dad, etc.
This little slugger does NOT
want to be left out!!!!!!!
Walker has even passed down his
old bat bag to Huds:)
"Pleeese me go to baseball?"
One more year, Buddy, and
we can sign you up for T-ball.