Friday, August 31, 2012

Hudson 2.5

The best groceries ever...
Huddy looks like a little girl in this pic!;)
He is my buddy...he loves to go
anywhere and everywhere with mama!
This kid still LOVES his "muuuuul"!!!
I can't believe how much milk he
drinks.  He could probably live on
just milk.  He LOVES it!!!
Wakes up asking for his muuuul
and at bed time and several
times in between! :)
Dr. Graham thinks he is going to be
bigger than Walker?!?
His hands and feet are quite huge
and I do think he is stalkier than Walker.
Hudson at 2 1/2 years old is the same
weight and height that Hadlee was
at 4 years old!!!  He's a big, healthy
growing boy!  Drink that muuuuul, Baby:)
Hudson is obsessed with his clothes
and goes through a few clothing changes
throughout the day (when I let him!).
He most ALWAYS wants to wear
an "H" shirt like Bubba's (Under Armour).
Every morning we have to go through
every UA shirt for him to decide.
Until he finds the one he wants to wear,
he says "morrow" meaning he will
wear the other tomorrow!  This particular
day mommy's patience had worn out
so Bubba went in to help him
pick out a new outfit.....
We cracked UP when he came out in
a polo shirt with some UA sports pants!
He was so proud!!!;)
Such a gentleman!!!
He always wants to help me pump the gas!
Half the time, Hudson is in full baseball or
Batman gear following Walker around
like he is 9 years old, too.  The other
half of the time he is with his counterpart,
Hadlee McCall...whether it be
playing school or store, even
Barbies or art, and QUITE often...
beauty shop;)))  Hadlee loves
to do Brother's hair and make it
wet and straight!!!!!!!!!! 
Hudson is so pleasant and happy
and funny!!!  He even falls asleep
in the car with a smile :)
First kid of mine to eat cereal (with milk)!
YAY for Cinnamon Toast Crunch!!!
Hudson is quite the little player!
He loves to play and occupies
 himself quite well...
He is so full of life & love!!!!!!
I tell people that he is my Wild Card;)
I'm still in shock that I have a blond
hair, blue eyed Baby Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A little Justin Bieber in the making;)
Everything about this little guy
is a DELIGHT!!!
I can't thank the God Lord up above 
enough for the blessing of Hudson Jack:)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hadlee McCall ~ 6 1/2 Years Old

This little girl is SOMETHING else!!!
She is growing up right before our
very eyes and I just don't know what to
do about it!  ;( Thankfully, she
still loves baby dolls, playing
kitchen/store AND she loves
for mommy to still hold her!!!
THIS summer though she is allllll of
the sudden really into her "clothes"!
I could not believe my eyes when we
went school clothes shopping and she
had SUCH an opinion!!!!!!!!
Hold me;)))
She would put on an outfit and strike
a pose in the mirror and talk about
how cute she looked!  ha ha!!!
T-Daddy love is in BIG trouble;)
Luckily she still likes Target's
version of the American Girl dolls!  ;)))
BUT, there is talk about a "REAL"
one for Christmas?!?
One day we were driving to lunch
and she passed this note up to me
from the back seat.  Such my B/F/F;)
Daddy will brush his little girl's hair
forEVER!  It's the only thing that
makes this mama jealous!!!  HAAAAAA
They are CUDDLE BUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and I think it's the SWEETest thing ever:)
Never would have planned this but
Hadlee & Kate Kate are such precious
friends!!!  Future sisters-in-law
so it's really perfect!;)
 Hadlee loves to go to the library
and pick out books.  I absolutely
love to sit and listen to her read outloud.
I remember doing the same thing
with Walker.  Hadlee learned
so much during kindergarten.
She's definitely ready for FIRST grade;(
just not sure that her mama is! 
Her very latest craze has been making
duct tape bags!  Mommy loves it, too!!!
She & Kimi had fun doing this...

They made "Best Friend" bags and
wrote notes to each other to go
inside their bags!  :)

Hadlee's Business!
These were some "custom" bags she
made for Aunt Lynna, Mamaw
Grandmother and Mommy, too!  ;)
Hadlee is my little dream come true!
I absolutely AdORE her:)
God knew that a small part of Heaven
above would always be found
in a little girl's love!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Walker Almost TEN

There is SO much I love about this kid:
He is such a mess and so much fun!
I cannot imagine life
without my Walker D!!!
School clothes shopping...
NOT his favorite past time!!!!! ;(
Something about Baylor must
have been mentioned...................
He loves to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ANYTHING...
baseball, football, Legos, video games,
create videos, board games ~ you name it!
He LOVES his friends and wants a friend
over at all times!  He doesn't mind going
to friends' houses but would rather
have them at his house most often. 
He and Jonah have such a great friendship.
Jonah is over a lot and he's just like
family.  Walker loves to be at his house, too!
You never can tell what these two
are going to be up to!!!!!!
But boy can they play.......
for hours upon hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But what amazes me most about
 Walker is his sweet heart.
He has the sweetest, most caring
heart. I love his heart!
Walker is wild and crazy, yet
a bit bashful at the same time.
He's the perfect package to me...
even when he looks like he is
straight out of the Lord of the Flies
novel (on the good boys' side of course!).
Walker also loves to pray.
He never, ever goes to sleep without
saying, "Let's pray, Mamma"...
even on nights when he has a friend
staying over he calls me into his
room and asks me to pray!!!!!!
TEN years really can't be:(
but, I am so thankful and proud!
"I have no greater joy than to hear
 that my children are walking in the truth."
3 John 1:4 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 2012

Almost a TEN year old?!?
Say it ain't so;(
My blonde, blue eyed Baby Love:)
Big Jo (Jonah) has been a long standing
summer play date for the Walkman.
These two can play for hours upon hours!!!
Haddie got to see some of her classmates
at sweet, precious Maddy's party!  

Walker set in a few months ago wanting
some of these "toe" shoes.  Troy and I
were like NO WAY!;) but we finally
caved in when we found some
cheaper versions!  ha!  I kinda like
that Walker wanted to wear
something not in the 'norm'..........
but we still make fun of them!;)

My parents' home (what am I saying...
MY home!) in Woodway has such a
beautiful backyard with trees older
than I am.  Unfortunately in the last
few years a few have died and there
was concern that they could fall
on the house or worse on one of us...
especially the kids playing outside. parents were forced
to hire some people to come cut them down:(
Hudson won't have nearly as many
pictures with the beautiful trees
as all the rest of the kiddos,
so we just had to take these...
The three main trees in this picture are
gone now:( replaced by a pretty young
new tree for us to watch grow with Hudson! 
The lone new tree now ;(

Hadlee's friends from school,
Oliver & Elliot
had a precious summer b-day party.
It was cute to see Hadlee & Cannon
Ball hooked up again;)
They had a super fun slip-n-slide
that Hadlee would have nothing to with...
UNTIL Cannon talked her into it!!!
Of course she LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought the party was picture perfect:)
I had to beg and plead for Hadlee 
to get OFF the slide to leave!!!
Silly girl:)
I would have NEVER, ever dreamed
that I'd let Walker grow his hair out. 
He had his first Aggie hair cut
at nine months old and I assumed it
would always be like that;)
Now , I love his 'long' hair.......but
T-Daddy does not!  He threatens
us all.the.time with a mean 'ole
barber if we don't go get his
and Hudson's cut on a regular basis!
Walker hates going:(
and I always get in trouble for not
 getting enough cut off!  hee hee!
Walker & Troy went to see the
new Batman movie...

Thus sparking a CRAZY desire
for a Batman movie birthday party!!!
And when we found these shirts
how could I resist such a fun theme?!?
Our summer swimming at
Wendell's pool was never boring;)
Especially during the Olympics
when Walker would often remind
me of Michael Phelps?!???!?!!!!!
One day I was playing Barbies with
Hudson (ooops...don't tell daddy!) and
my Barbie asked for a kiss?
Really meaning from Hudson's Ken
doll;  but instead, Huds was so quick
to bend down to give my Barbie a kiss!
SWEET boy:)
YAY for a Hoodie Swim Date at the Reed Resort!
Complete with adorable treats made by LaLa!!!
I truly can't believe how big all of our little
hoodies are:( They are still as cute &
sweet & fun as ever.  Such a huge blessing for our
little ones to have grown up together like this!

All summer long a group of us 4th grade
boy mamas had been trying to get together.
Finally, we chose a Friday night and met up
for some pizza and fun!!!
Braden, Cade, Peyton, Matthew,
Kyle, Bryson, Walker
Ready or NOT, 4th Grade.........
Here They Come!!!!!!!!!!!
Gotta love some Popparollos in your life:)
Walker, Hadlee and I met up
with Amanda, Cade & Cannon to
see the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie...
Amanda and I assumed the kids would
sit with us in the theater, but we were
wrong;)  ha!  Walker & Cannon sat
together on the side and THIS cute
couple sat on the very back row!!!
Hudson Jack is ALLLLL about his mama!
He can be clear across the house and
hear that someone is lovin' on "his
mama" and he comes to get you!!!
Bless his heart...the "mmmyyyy mama"
game is a favorite around here!;(
School clothes shopping in a
storm;  I mean WITH a storm!!!!!!
There is always fun to be had!!!
Rides and a stop at Chickfila
does wonders while school
clothes shopping with the Storm;)
We squeezed in a couple more
days at Hawaiian Falls......
Braden joined us:)
Silly Superman;)
She loves to strike herself a pose!!!
Wipe Out......
........literally!!!  ;)
This kid is so big and handsome...
I just don't even know what to do!!!!!!!
He and his friends are just too cute!
But "boys drool and girls rule"!  ;)))
Good times!!!!!!
Before we left, Hadlee noticed
which bathing suit I was wearing
and decided to change into hers
that kinda matched;)  This is what
B/F/F's do!!!!!!!!!!!!;)
I love hanging with my two H's!

I am truly always thankful...
From sunshine days at a water park with
my loves to seeing my beautiful
little girl sleeping soundly
on the couch to everything
in between!!!!!!!!!!!!!!