Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cake R Squared

Troy recently had this conversation with Walker...

Walker ~ "Did you know there's a number called Pie?"

Troy ~ "Yes, it's 3.1415936535. It's a number we use to calculate the area and volume of circles and spheres."
(Troy helped me with this post. Keep in mind he is an engineer & this moment was thrilling for him!)

Walker ~ "Is pie or infinity the most?"

Troy goes into a five minute discussion of pi and infinity. All the while thinking Walker is just as into this coversation as he is.

After a few minutes of silence, Walker says to Troy...

"Dad, is there a number for cake?"

Friday, February 27, 2009

More Macy

Macy's basketball season at
MCC has been FUN!!!
Here is Macy's biggest cheerleader ready
for PINK breast cancer awareness night!
How do you like her "GO MACY" shirt?!?
The game was televised!!! Go girls!
Yes, my Macy is a starter! I can brag...I'm her Aunt! Haddie had her CHEER on!!!
Check out this adoring little fan trying
to get Macy's attention...Hadlee loves EVERYTHING about these games...
I cannot believe that a child of MINE
will eat a HOT DOG!!!
Walker is pretty cool during the games
and hangs with Logan...Lil' Sis is pretty cool sometimes...We now have lots of MCC paraphanalia,
but last game Walker leaned forward to me and
said, "Are we going for MCC?"Macy's last home game on February 25th..."Silly PaPa" (wish you could hear Haddie say that!)
Lots 'o fans for Macy Girl...I love this pic...Waiting for our favorite Highlassie
to come out! I love yelling,
"Come on Highlassies"!!!

It was this time last year that Macy
was playing in her final high school
basketball tournament. I'll never, ever
forget her WINNING the first game
of the regional tournament for her team.
It was far more THRILLING than any
moment I had ever experienced for myself.
(other than my wedding and childbirth of course!).
It was just that feeling only a
can have!!! SO MEANINGFUL.
It's what is so cool about being a
parent...things are no longer about YOU.
I love that.AWESOME season, Macy Girl!
We are ALL so proud of you!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wild Man Pierce

Walker is LIVE entertainment for us!!!
I can't get enough of him...
And just in case I ever need
any blackmail on him,
I've got this picture...I love you, Wild Man Walker!!!
More than you could ever, ever imagine!

A Wii-eally Good Time

The Wii has been FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I. Love. Her.

She is girly and sweet in every possible way.
She has a really funny brother and she loves him like crazy!
There is never a dull day with this girl
(and her brother!).
I even let her wear my SCRUNCHY
in the bathtub. I've had that scrunchy
since jr. high and I love it. I can't imagine my life without this
spunky, sweet girl.

I love you Haddie Pattie Pie.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Celebrating Macy Girl

We had to get together and celebrate Macy's Birthday!!!
Of course we celebrated Macy Girl's 19th birthday
which was on February 5th ...but due to HER
schedule we didn't get to celebrate until last week!
She brought along most of her basketball team
so I didn't really get many pics of the
birthday girl with the family!!!
But I got the fam...

Haddie in Heaven with Hunter (The English teacher in me loves alliteration!!!)

Troy always calls my parents 'Mom' and 'Dad'.
I love that!
Can you hear me saying,

Where IS the Birthday Beauty you ask?!?Look at that love!!! We heart our Macy Girl!!!
Macy is some kind of wonderful and I love her dearly!!!

HOLD niece and nephew really couldn't be 19 & 20?!? They were my first loves!

Macy Girl...we are your #1 fans!!!

Happy Birthday Beautiful!!!