Monday, August 31, 2009

Walker's Birthday Bash ~ Second Half

Walker has such awesome friends!
And those friends brought GIFTS GALORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our best friends, The Reeds, ALWAYS shock/surprise/scare us with their gifts...

Well, what do you know?
They didn't disappoint this year either!
...TWO FROGS for the Birthday Boy!!!

This was unFROGgettable!!! Later on that night, the worker at the church gym asked Walker what his frogs were going to be named. Walker quickly replied, "Bob and Boob"!!! Needless to say, we are working on their names! So goes the story of the kid who begged for a pet for the first six years of his life and on his seventh birthday, got THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love a story with a happy ending so a BIG thanks to the Reeds!!!Bakugan, Ben10, Nerf, and Transformers were Walker's main interests this year...
This is one of my favorite pics from the night! Such LOVE love them!!!
Walker was also pumped about his first bow & arrow set from Kate Kate! He's been begging for this at Academy. Guess Kate realizes she might be dating a hunter?!?Aunt Michelle, who is always so thoughtful, brought Haddie Girl a treat and .....................little baseball shoes for Baby Boy Love!!!

How adorable are these little things?!? I can't stop looking at them and touching them!!! I can't wait to put some very special tiny little feet in them (unless he's born with huge feet like his big brother was and still has!)!!!
Grandparent L-O-V-E for Walker...
Mamaw LOVES her Walker...
Lots of Cuzin' Luvin' at the party...
I can't forget my sistahs...
...they sure do love my babies!!!
Just like I love their babies...One of my favorite Hoodies was
quick to remind me all night that
the Cowboys kicked off at 7:15!!! Walker has some amazing best friends...
And also a beautiful girlfriend...It was a GOOD, GOOD night!!!
We love you more than words could ever say!
You are our Big Boy and we are so proud of you!!!
Happy 7th Birthday!
Mommy, Daddy, Haddie, Big Blue, Bob and Boob

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Walker's Birthday Bash ~ The First Half

Invites above sent out two weeks ago...
Under Armour for both guys...
ADORABLE football outfit specially
made by my sweet blogger friend, Misty...
(A post dedicated to the outift coming soon!)
We were ready for KICK OFF!!!

We had Walker's 7th Birthday Party
at our church's awesome new gym!!! Obviously it was a football theme!
The Decorations...
football player cookie cake
(#7's choice of cake always!),
balloons, footballs, Aggie helmet,
lots of gifts, popcorn, clappers,
water bottles stuffed with candy for the favors,
and football cupcakes made by mommy!!!
This was basically the activity...a gym full of
basketballs and soccer balls.
We were going to have hockey, too,
but the kids were ROWDY enough
with just these things!
Walker requested a party just like this
the day after his party last year!!!
Pierce Party of Five...we LOVE us a good party! Haddie Girl found her an orange ball
and she was all smiles!!!
Her perfectly pedicured ORANGE
toe nails matched the ball! Kate Kate came in from the Big City!!!
Walker's party could never
be complete without his best girl!
I'm so glad that she and her future
sister-in-law are so close, too!!!
We are BLESSED beyond words with
amazing friends and family...
Walker's Pre-K Pack...
missing one who wasn't there yet! Ahhhh...there's the missing cutie pie! THE sweetest girls... Looks like Haddie & I will be sticking together
for years to come with our B-O-Y-S...
Precious Hoodie Girls in D' House!!!
Walkman with his Best Bud and
his Brother from another Mother!!!How can it be that both of my children
have already found the loves of their lives?!?
This picture about melts my heart...While Haddie Girl remains true to her
Landry Love, it doesn't really stop her
from a little flirting with the younger
Hoodies in d' House...Sweet girlfriends from kindergarten...Walker's good, good buddy from his kindergarten
class...they are too cute together!
Unfortunately this little guy is going to a new
school this year! Bummer!South Bosque School Gang with
Walker, Luke & Landry...Coach T-Dawg playing Dodge Ball with the guys...
Leave it to this bunch to find the upstairs area...
(By the way, I LOVE how they still come around
for these birthday parties. I love being an Aunt to them!)
We can't leave adorable Bryce out...
or two of my beautiful Hoodie Girls!!!Time for PIZZA......and CAKE!!!
(So, I ordered this cake forever ago and thought
I was being so clever putting the #12 for the Aggie significance!!!
Oh no, Walker is all about being #7 for his age OR
#80 because that was Daddy's number! Ooops!)My House Party is ALWAYS there for me!!!
And they are HOTTIES!
Love them with all my heart!
Singing to my Sweet Boy who I still
can't believe is SEVEN!!!Happy Birthday Dear Walker...
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!
I hope it's another wish come true...
Sweaty, Stinky, Silly and Sweet......our SEVEN year old!!!