Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Christmas Aftermath ;)

I always love the days after Christmas
because I can relax and I love
seeing my kids so happy playing
with their new toys.
 Aunt Kitty & Uncle Ron
had dropped off gifts for the kiddos.
They really needed more presents
to open, ya know!!! ;)
 As usual, the Merritts were RIGHT ON
target for my kids!!! 
 Also as usual, Hudson was
more into sister's gifts!
 And come to think of it...brother & sister
were really into Hudson's gifts!!! ;)
 Hudson would NOT get into that cute tunnel!
 The game Headbanz was a BIG
hit around our house!
 Anything with a ball and especially a bat was
a big "hit" for the Huds!
 Hudson started doing this funny face and
holding his arms out real tight...
it was EXACTLY like something Walker
used to do when he was this age.
 We called it "scary face" with Walker.
But with Hudson when he would do it,
I'd always say, "Do it again!"...
so that's the way it became known as...
"Do It Again!!!"
 I enjoyed the SWEETEST pedi EVER
with Hadlee's new polishes and nail dryer!
 Headbanz! :)
 Legos Legos Legos...
such my little engineer!!!!!!!!
I love me some "Shirtless" Pierce Boys! 
 This year I sent out two cards at Christmas.
This was one...
 And this was the other...I just
wanted some way to thank everyone
for all of their love, support,
 and prayers for Travis. 
A VERY small token of my gratitude. 
 Also this year we added a little blue tree
for Hudson!  He made his ornaments at
Mrs. Janice's and my mother bought him
his first Rudolph one!  :)
 Haddie Girl finally got her very own nutcracker...
Thank you, Grandmother!
My kids LOVE getting new ornaments
for their trees.  Walker wanted to give
Hudson all of his baby ornaments...
like Thomas the Train, CARS, etc.
I had to encourage him to keep all of his
ornaments on his tree so they would be
memories and keepsakes for always! 
 We spent A LOT of time watching
this little girl ride her new bike outside!!! 
 Such a sweet, fun spirit...
 We had to pull out last year's toys, too!  ;)
 Sometimes I wish I could freeze time...
this was one of those days!
 Big Huds loves to play him some
basketball on Walker's goal!
 I can't remember where Walker was this day...
probably off being a big time 8 year old!
 AHHHH...there's my Big Boy Love!
 Speaking of my big boy,
this very night was his first sleep over.
It was at Jonah's house.
Before he left and before I had even
mentioned taking his picture, he told
me NOT to "take his picture and
put it on Facebook!"  ha!
My boy knows his mama!!!
He had a great time that night! :)
While he was gone, sister and I 
attempted the DQ Blizzard Maker
that Grandmother & PaPa got her...
per her very specific request!!!
 Next time we will just go get
blizzards at Dairy Queen ;)))
I'm just saying!
Little Brother just a playing;)
 Troy Jr. on his laptop!!!
 I know more than anyone that "things" don't matter.
But I sure do enjoy watching my kids
having fun, exploring, and sometimes
even learning!  :)
I have so much to be
thankful for in this life! 

Monday, May 30, 2011

Our Christmas Miracle

Christmas is about the miracle of Jesus.
Jesus is all about miracles.
This Christmas my family and I 
truly experienced a miracle.
The miracle that Jesus performed
through my nephew Travis. 
We have been blessed beyond measure.
 We loaded up after Santa came to see us
and headed to Austin to be together
as a family for Christmas Day.
We wouldn't have it any other way!!!
 Do you see the JOY in my eyes?
After dreading the holidays under our
circumstances, my family and I realized that
it doesn't matter where you are or how you
are...ALL that matters is that you are together. 
 Travis was so proud to have us all there.  :)
 My kids knew no different...
of course we would go and be with Travis!!!
 I love this kid!!!
 Trav's speech therapist helped him
type that note for his hospital door! 
 Lynna's dear friend, Andrea, made
Travis this Superman wreath...
 Teary eyed PaPa...it was an emotional day.
 But we are always enlightened by each other!!!
 We set up our Christmas celebration in the
cafeteria (no food though since Trav can't eat).
We all had special gifts for Travis...
 Walker had bought him some Star Wars
PJ's...although not Superman...Travis
did always love Star Wars!
 Gorgeous Aunt Lynna bought
Hadlee this adorable SuperGirl hoodie!
 My guys...
 The kids had no trouble opening gifts there!  ;)
 We were glad to have Scott celebrate with us! 
 Handsome Happy Hunter
 Lynna got Dad a razor like the one he had
been using to shave Travis every week. 
 Sweetest Grandmother there EVER was...
 Aunt Lynna bought this for Hudson!!!  ;)
 Thank you, Grandmother & PaPa!
 Then it was time to give Travis
his big present from all of his
aunts and uncles.........
 An iPad so he could begin to
communicate with us!!!
 Troy had already put lots of
 pictures on it for him!
 Calvin played doll with Haddie;)
 Sweet Girl loves "Haley"!
 Legos, Legos, Legos
 Mother was so surprised by her ornaments I had
fixed for her.  She knew her plan had worked!;)))
I love my beautiful mother so very much!
 Uncle Troy spent the rest of the day working
with Trav on the iPad!
We all just made ourselves at home...
 It was so incredible to see Travis respond
to Hudson like this...reaching out to tickle him.
 It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's...............
 These two have become like brothers through
the course of this year...
 Posting Christmas Miracle pictures on Facebook!:)
 Merry Christmas from the
Pierce Party of Five
 It was definitely a Christmas I will
 It was one that I should never have dreaded.
God has seen us through so much...
and our Christmas as a family surrounding
Travis was the BEST one EVER.
 Travis is our miracle!!!
 “For with God nothing will be impossible.”
Luke 1:37
So thankful for our Superman
and continuing to pray for many more