Friday, September 30, 2011

See Ya Summer

We often hear a clank clank coming
through the kitchen...I always know
that Huddy must have on sister's high heels;)
The crown is often a nice touch, too!
Walker and his friend were trying to set
a world record of the most
 blankets on a person?!?
Don't look too hard for them in the next
Guiness Book of World Records ;)
Nice try, B & W!
Sweet swim dates at Uncle Wendell's...
So long to late morning oatmeal breakfasts;(
Our CB picture arrived:)
I love my man!
Walker is nine and Hadlee is five...
NEITHER have tried Coke or Dr. Pepper
and have no desire to do so!!!
Hudson, on the other hand, would
drink COKE all the time!!!
PRECIOUS little blond curls!
I love each and every single one:)
Baby Love just gives out sometimes!
Yes, I've had the fever...
the Beiber Fever!!!
I adore my own little J.B! ;)
I have Walker Fever, too;)))
SO kidding about the Beiber fever...
I could be Justin's mama!!!
Thank you, MAC, for coming to our mall
and for bringing the Beibs!!!
El Con with the fam to celebrate Macy
being home for a weekend!!!:)
Yeah, whatever, I'm 18 months old
and I still love me some bottle;)))
Mommy wants me to stay a baby so
she doesn't mind one bit at all!
Just don't tell my doctor;)
A Dinner Date with Kate!!!
A special picture we took for a certain
Superman who we happen to LOVE and
believe in 100% and then some:)
Travis laughs out loud when we talk
about Janitor Hudson!!!!!!
Such a mess no matter what!!!
One day I went to get the mail and found a
package addressed to "Aunt Mindy"...
I couldn't believe my eyes when I
found a CJ Wilson t-shirt in that package...
...from my Texas Ranger mentor, Garrett!!!
So thoughtful!  I love me some CJ Wilson!!!;)
My sweet sunshine:)
Just shopping at Target with mommy...
My handsome love bug in the
Michael Young (his favorite player)
shirt he got at the Ranger game!!!
God bless his heart...
pink doesn't phase him. 
Thank Goodness,
he equally mimics all things Walker, too!
Miss Priss first wore this dress when she
was about TWO!!!  I laughed so hard
when she came out in it at age FIVE!;)
I had saved it because we bought
it for all the girls at Mrs. Heather's...
such a special dress:)
Someday I really might watch these two
drive off?!??!!?!?!?!?!  Say it ain't so!;)
Ending on a very sweet summer note..........
Summer is SUH-weet!!!
Too bad we had to say "see ya" to it! ;(((

Thursday, September 29, 2011

"A LOT" to say about that Weekend;)

We love to welcome Travis home A LOT!
(No matter how late at night it is!)
 Troy helps Travis and Lynna A LOT...
He helps with all of Trav's electronic stuff
(like his phone, his Dynavox, iPad, etc.).
He also helps Lynna get Travis inside,
go to the bathroom, and move him around.
Did I even mention that Troy mows
Lynna's yard and waters it, too?!?
 We laugh A LOT :)
 There is always A LOT going on...
 We take A LOT of pictures!
(We know all too well how priceless they are.)
 We pray together A LOT...
 I love these two guys A LOT!
Garrett always says the most perfect prayer over/for Travis.
 I love Travis and Troy's relationship A LOT.
They are so close :)
 We smile A LOT!
 We support Travis A LOT...
(No matter how early in the morning!)
 We act like Superman A LOT!
 We come together as a family
A LOT.............
 And we see if we can fit A LOT 
of family in the elevator..............
 Monday, August 5th was actually a
day we dreaded A LOT.
This was the day of the hearing against
Lynna's insurance company who has
stopped payment on Trav's stay at CNS.
The insurance company believes CNS costs
too much (it IS doubt about that...
$2800 a DAY, but this is typical for
a brain injury facility which in the US
ranges from $900 a day to $6000 a day).
The insurance company would rather
Travis be moved to a nursing home.
While we would LOVE to have him in Waco,
his rehabilitation would be OVER.
 This hearing was our final plea
to the insurance company to allow Travis
to stay at CNS and receive the therapy
and care he MUST have.
(This includes ALL types of brain injury therapy,
plus 24 hour nursing care and someone with
him AT ALL TIMES ~ which he must have).
We worry A LOT about what will happen
and where Travis will go next.
When we all walked in, they tried to tell us
that we would have to limit the number of
people in the room for the hearing. 
That was A LOT funny!
Needless to say, we all went in
 to support our Superman!!!
(My dad didn't wear his shirt because
he had a tape recorder in his front pocket!
HA HA!  My funny dad!)
 Did I mention that we have fun A LOT?
(We couldn't make it if we didn't!)
Most of all, we just love A LOT.
 Aunt Michelle and I fight over our 
first born nephew A LOT
 Wendell does A LOT for
 Lynna, Travis and Hunter.
He has been absolutely incredible to us all.
 Scott brought up some excellent points during
the hearing.  He cares for his son A LOT.
 Logan has grown A LOT (physically
and emotionally) since this all began. 
 Lynna did an AMAZING job at the hearing.
She read about three pages (that I wrote!  ha!)
stating her case and pleading with
the insurance to let her son stay at CNS.
  Lynna is strong A LOT...
especially for these two handsome boys.
 We try to be bold A LOT!!!
On Friday of that week, Lynna received a
letter that the insurance was once again denying
coverage for Travis at CNS.  She came directly
over and we cried over the letter...
then a peace came over her and all of us.
God hasn't let us down yet.

CNS has not received payment from
the insurance company since MARCH.
CNS believes so strongly in TRAVIS
and in the fact that the insurance company is
doing us wrong that they have allowed
him to stay.  They are continuing to battle
the insurance company.  We take each
day that Travis is still at CNS as
 a gift from God. 
We thank Jesus A LOT.