Monday, August 10, 2015

Walker, My Young Man

I've always thought my Walker D.
is pretty amazing, but when I hear
it from his teachers, too...well,
that just makes my heart swell!
He sure is growing up though.  
AND he's pretty much a typical guy...
he wouldn't have anything to do with 
shopping for a white shirt
for his upcoming choir concert. 
So of course I shopped and brought 
them home for him to try on.  
Men's ADULT size shirts now!!!!!!!!!!
He's so cute I can hardly stand it!!!
But my favorite.  My favorite part
of the he always, always
always asks me to come and say a prayer
with him before he goes to bed
(and scratch his back for just a minute!)
This young man.  
My handsome 12 year old son
 blesses his mama more
than he could ever, ever imagine!

1 comment:

snekcip said...

Nothing in the world makes your heart swell when others notice how special your kids are. Great Work Mom & Dad!!