Sunday, February 5, 2017

Hudson's Kindergarten Graduation!!!

Absolutely THE cutest graduation 
card I've EVER received...........
Our baby's kindergarten graduation....
Last day of 7th grade,
4th grade and kindergarten.  
Thankful we have Hudson to still
drop off at South Bosque!!!  
Best Buds in Kindergarten...
Such a cute group of boys!!!!!!
Julia is a special one to us! 
God knew that we needed Griffin
and his family!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hattie Belle!!!  We love her!
I just cry thinking about 
this sweet little guy.
He is perfect to me :)
I went early as room mom to help
get their caps and gowns on.  
What a sweet group...ready to go!!!!!!
But this one is the sweetest to me....
He follows directions perfectly!!!!!!!!!!
Let's Do This!
HA!  Wouldn't even stop for
a pic for mommy!!!
Rule Follower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There's my boy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fan Club!!!!!
We love Mrs. Decker more than words could say!
And just like that my baby
graduated from kindergarten.....
The teachers announced what each 
kid wanted to be when he grows up
as they graduated.  It was such a cute
touch!  We had no idea what
Hudson's would be............
"Hudson wants to be a football,
baseball and basketball player
when he grows up!"
Of course!!!!
Way to go, Son!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope these two stay 
friends forever!!!!!!!!!!
Then it was time for the 
precious music program!!!
Hudson and Claire's speaking part!!!!
They were PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ms. Flowers is the best!!!  :)
The entire program was ADORABLE!!!
It was so sweet that Mrs. Janice,
Adrienne and Beau came!!!
And of course Grandmother 
wouldn't miss this day!!!!!!!
PROUD DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happiest Mom in the WORLD!
I'll say it alllll the days of my life...
God knew we needed this little angel.
Sometimes we may questions things
that don't seem to be a part of 
our "plan"....and many of those 
things we won't know the answer
or reason or explanation for until 
the other side of Heaven.  
We may have been shocked when we
first found out about this little 
guy, but it didn't last long
and CERTAINLY was never questioned
again after we held him.  
This was an answer we got
on THIS side of Heaven ~
loud and clear!
And we are forever and ever
grateful for this gift!!!!!!!!
God knows exactly who and what
we need and when!!!!!!!
This little guy is my heart!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs. Janice ~ such a very, very 
special part of Hudson's life.  
We couldn't be more thankful for 
this beautiful woman.....
Precious Beau has missed Huds!
How cute was his hug!!!!!!!!
THIS GIRL, too!!!!!!!
Hudson has ALWAYS loved beautiful
Adrienne!!!!!  So much!
Thank you, Lord, for these
two ladies who have TRULY 
blessed our lives!!!!!!!!!
And this AMAZING lady, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Griffin, Hudson, Miles
Grandmother might be Hudson's
#1 fan.  There's just something
about her last grandchild:)
She thinks Hudson hung the moon!
And she's right:)
It's not often that it's just the three
of us.  I loved celebrating this 
sweet boy with his daddy!!!!!!!
We love him so much it hurts!!!!!!!!
Sweetest, best surprise of our lives!!!!!
Congrats Julia & Hudson!
Our awesome principal!
Grayson is such an awesome
new friend from kindergarten!!!!!!!!
Huds, your future is bright!!!
Baseball, football, and basketball!!!!!
Next up was the 4th graders exit from
South Bosque for Hadlee so we waited
around and gave him his 
"graduation gift"......
The wooden bat he wanted!!!!!!!!
This kid is the best!
Hudson Jack,
You had an awesome year in kindergarten.
We are so proud of you!!!
You behaved perfectly,
you are happy,
you were kind and friendly to everyone,
you worked so hard,
you are SMART, 
you are driven,
and you are talented,
and of course you are athletic!
You amaze us...
your mommy, daddy, brother and sister
think the world of you and
couldn't imagine life without you!
Congratulations on your 
Kindergarten Graduation!!!!

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