Wednesday, February 1, 2017

End of Year Kinder Party!

Last official day of kinder
and fourth!  How did this happen?!?
Kindergarten Party!!!!!!!!
Love these three who have become buddies
this year...Miles, Griffin, Hudson!!!
These sweet girls!!!!  Love them:)
Such a sweet class!!!!!!!!!!!!
Griffin, Mackensie, Huds, Miles, Hattie Bell
Their moms have become my friends
so we decided to do a gift together
for Mrs. Decker:)
How CUTE are these little kindergarteners!!!
Another year with Mrs. Decker...
thank the GOOD LORD for her!
She is the most wonderful kindergarten teacher
in the world.  She was just what Hadlee needed
and now Hudson!  So very thankful for her...
This little LOVE of mine.....
Hudson and Hattie Belle
"Where is the boy that I love?"
My favorite line from this year when 
Hattie Belle asked Mrs. Decker that!!!!!!
Referring to Hudson(:
We love her!!!
Hudson made me this necklace
in class this year.  I was so
excited to wear it to his party!  :)
A gift for Mrs. Decker....
who is SO very loved!!!!!!!!!!!
Such a sweet and wonderful year
in kindergarten!  Thank you, Lord,
for this school, new and precious friends, 
 the best teacher and of course my little Hudson!!!!!!!!

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