Saturday, November 7, 2015

First Day of Summer 2015

Good morning, Summer 2015!
This summer was different.
We were up and ready to go by 7:30
on the very first official day.
WHy?  For this kid right here...
And this little wannabe;)
This was not how I pictured 
8:15 on the first morning of my summer;)
BUT sooooooooo worth it..........
Walker started Strength and Conditioning
for 7th Grade Midway Football!!!!!
Monday through Thursday almost 
every week of the summer.
(and my boy never missed one, not one!)

Also took my soon to be teenager
for his physical for athletics
with Dr. Graham.  The same doctor
he's had since the moment he was born.
Very thankful for a doctor like 
this who takes care of our entire family!
How my son felt about me taking
his picture at his appointment;)
How I feel about Walker becoming
a teenager and MOM having
to step out of the room for part
of his check up?!?!!!  ;)
Dr. G thinks Walker will range in 
the 6'2" range when he's older.
But the best part of the visit 
was that he thinks Walker is 
100% healthy at this time.
Best news EVER.

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