Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hudson's Last Day at Mrs. Janice's

My last day to drop Hudson
off at Mrs. Janice's.
Cue the tears:(
Especially mine:(
I just couldn't help but be
so teary eyed over this day.  
I will FOREVER be indebted to this
angel on Earth...Mrs. Janice. 
I just don't have words adequate
enough to describe the blessing
of Janice, Adrienne
and these sweet children......
Adrienne took care of Hudson
at my house in the mornings
when I first went back to work...
he was so tiny and she was 
so perfect with him.    
The Thursday/Friday Gang...
Huds, Ella, Beau, Hank
And of course, Baby Bax!
I worried over Hudson being with 
a baby since he was so much older...
and just how hard it would be for Mrs. 
Janice.  I was so wrong!  So wrong!
Hudson LOVES babies...especially
this one.  It turned out to be
such a sweet, sweet blessing 
for Hudson to get to be a 
"Big Brother" of sorts:)
In true Janice and Adrienne fashion,
they had lots of fun planned for the
last day of "school"!!!!
 This crew is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!
 We love love love Miss Adrienne!!!
 Good Times!!!!!!!!!!
 Just thankful.  
 So very, very thankful.  
 God Bless Mrs. Janice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In the days leading up to the last day
of school, it being the end of 
our Mrs. Janice days were most on my
heart.  For anyone who has ever left 
your babies with someone, you KNOW.
You just know.  
There is NO greater gift a person
can give to a mother than to love
and nurture and care for her children
when she can't be with them.  Janice
gave me this gift with Hudson.  
For five years, my little Hudson spent
his mornings with Mrs. Janice
and not one day, not a ONE, 
did I ever worry or have doubts
about leaving him.  In fact,
I often told people he was better
off with her;) and that's truth!  
Janice is the kindest person I know.
She is a living, breathing Proverbs 31 woman.
She truly is.  
As I drove to her house on the last
day of school, the tears just fell
from my eyes in thanks to the
good Lord for her and all that
she is and has been to my little family...
because she certainly helped raise
Hadlee and Hudson and nurtured
all of us along the way.
But most of all to my little Hudson...
all five years of his sweet little life.  
He loves Mrs. Janice SO much.  
I will always think of 
Janice for this verse...
And just like that I had a little
boy ready for kindergarten!

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