Thursday, November 5, 2015

My Team & Graduation

These four have become some of my 
very best friends EVER.  
I am so thankful for each one of them.
God knew I needed a teaching team like this:)  
I'm also thankful for our police officer
on campus!  He's awesome:)
Classic picture of us trying to 
get things together;)
An even more classic picture...
especially of Trey and me!;)
We got it!!!!!!!!!
They are so much fun!!!
The next day was MHS Graduation!!!
Two of my favorite twins:)
And of course, my fave senior guy:)
And my favorite senior girl!  :)
I had Logan as a sophomore!
Such a fun kid:)
Just so many awesome kids
whom I love like this one!!!
This child.  Love her SO much.
"Honey Bunches, Sugar Plum"....
I won't ever forget this sweet,
hilarious young lady!
Trey with "Cold Face"!
Love my teaching partner!
How do I always get the best kiddos?!?
What a year!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Good Lord blessed me
tremendously with Paige, Sarah,
Trey and Brandy:)

Afterwards, I met the rest of my
family at Ridgewood to celebrate
Kade's Graduation:)
We just love him and his family
so much ~ in fact, they are like family.  
Officially time for SUMMER
with my favorite three people...
So proud of my beautiful necklace
from my sweet students!!!
AND then I treated myself to 
my own graduation gift...
Periwinkle Kendras;)

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