Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy at Heather's

These are pictures of the cutest little couple I know BOTH very EXCITED to go to Mrs. "Hehher's"!!!

I've mentioned before the dear, beautiful, amazing, talented, wonderful, sweet friend who keeps Hadlee in the mornings.

She is truly one of the GREATEST answers to prayer in my life!!!

Haddie LOVES to go to "Hehher's." Wonder why?!?
Could be lunch outside with Lucy...
Or possibly filling the bird feeders with Lucy!
(Come on, Haddie's mommy doesn't even have ONE bird feeder
or any pretty flowers on her back patio!!!)...
Or how about playing a Hannah Montana guitar on the STAGE
that Heather made for her daughter's 6th birthday party?!?...

I know the real reason why though,
it's Heather's sweet love & hugs!!!

Every morning when we get to Heather's, it is
like a ritual...Hadlee squeezes me bye & reaches for Heather.
Then she gives "Hehher" the biggest, best hug
(like the ones she gives Mommy)!!!
Doesn't make me a bit sad, it's truly a wonderful feeling because
I've found a friend to love my baby girl just like I do!
"I thank my God every time I remember you."
Philippians 1:3
Happy Birthday, Heather!!!


angie said...

It is so nice to have peace about your children isn't it?!?!? Hey I saw Erica this morning and she said you might let Ally borrow a black leotard?? I have been searching this entire town...where did you get it? e-mail me Thanks

Beth E. said...

What a blessing to know that your Hadlee is protected and loved while in the care of your friend, Heather.

I really enjoy the way you put songs together with your posts. :o)

Amanda said...

What a Blessing Mrs. Heather is! I'm sure it makes your day go so much easier knowing she's in good arms!

Blessings from the Reeds said...

Sweet pictures! I haven't seen these of precious Haddie. I certainly am SO thankful for you introducing me to Miss Heather. I owe you! She is amazing and Landry LOVES it there. I think he would rather be at her place than with mommy! I hope she had a wonderful birthday today:)

Kelli said...

I guess maybe I should not read your postings at school. I usually can find something to cry about and boy do we miss Mrs. Heather! Love the posting. Talk soon