Monday, July 20, 2015

Hadlee's 9th Birthday Party!!!

OH my Goodness!
I love LOVE love celebrating
this little girl.  She is full
of so much joy and love and spirit:)  
Her 9th Birthday Party theme
was just CoLoRFuL!!!!!!
We had it at yet another gymnastics place;)
I also had cute little colorful banners everywhere 
as part of the theme.  Lisa at the Cookie Company
(Hadlee's favorite place!!!) did yet another
AWESOME job on her cake!!!!  Love it:) 
We had lots of special guests:)
FuN everywhere!!!!!!!
Rolling the birthday girl around:)
This was the first year that we didn't 
invite her entire class.  She has made
so many friends on her own at school,
through Walker, in gymnastics & dance, church,
at the ball park...really everywhere she goes!
I love seeing her blossom
and make more and more friends:)
Time for PiZZa!!!!!!!!!!
I love having a little girl.
THiS little girl.  
Love for her future father-in-law;)
Time for cake, singing and
special birthday wishes for our sweet girl!
You just can't help but look at 
this little girl and smile:)
She is so loved and makes my heart so happy!
Brother LOVE...
this little girl is the heart of our family.
Cutest little couple!
Cannon loves Hadlee...
she doesn't know it yet, but 
surely she must love him, too!  
This couple balances each other out;)
So glad to have our Haley Girl
and Jake there (even if he wore a UT shirt;).
Then of course there's Kelli G & me.
Some things just never change;)
But this would be when 
Hadlee noticed what I was up to...
...and let me have it;)
It didn't work though;)
I had to finish my performance strong;)
I am CRaZY!
These two were up to their
own crazy pranks;)
Chad tried sneaking a Baylor
hat onto Troy!!!!!!!!
Thankful for great parenting friends:)
Our Birthday Girl STaR!!!!!!!
Hayden, Rohon, James, Cannon, Noah...
Great friends from school(:
They are crazy cute guys!!!!!!!!!!
The Big Boys seemed to have a good time, too!
Sweet Girls:)
Precious Baseball Little Sisters!!!
Lilly & Ally
Adorable Dance Class Girls!
I told them to pose normal for 
the next picture...and this is what
I got again;)
Kelli & I weren't the only 
ones on the balance beam!  ;)
Brother/Sister Performance ;)
Then Daddy had to jump in the pit!!!!!!!!!!
Well, not just JuMP but FLiP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He didn't come back up for a while;)
Walker went in to save him;)
He seriously couldn't get back up!!!  ha!
Finally Daddy appeared again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My funny man!
Chad had to throw the birthday girl in the pit!!!
She LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!
Silly Little Sisters!!!!!!!!!!!
Love these three:)
Bonded by their Big Brothers
Apparently the boys are a little crazy for my girl;)
Time for Presents!!!!
McKenzie from class!
Sweet Kimi...sweetest little friends
since Mrs. Janice's:)
Cheyenne from her class...
Betsy Grace ~ such a sweet and 
special new friend.  They met at 
school even though they've never
had a class together:)
Same with precious Brinley!!!
Hayden!!!  This is my principal's 
precious son.  He had a cute crush
on Hadlee...even called my phone 
a few times!  He's a cutie:)
Hannah...precious little friends:)
Hadlee LOVES balloon animals
and flowers:)  Michelle surprised her with one!
Michelle from her class!
My Kate Kate with my Haddie Cakes:)
Noah and his Mom knew the way
to Hadlee's fashion heart!
A Vera shirt by Julianna!!!
And OF COURSE Amanda Carr
outdid herself.....
TWO monogrammed pocket tee's!!!!!!
Hadlee's favorite shirts to wear!!!!!!!!!!!
Thankful for Brother & Brother Friends
Hadlee and her Big Sissy:)
Haley's sweet post on Facebook plus
25 adorable pictures of the two of them:)
Hadlee's favorite person .........
I love that she is in my daughter's life.  
Mamma Mindy made an 
Instagram post;)
Little Sister,
you are the light of our lives!  
You are loving and kind
and spunky and sassy
and sooooo sensitive:)
Most of all you are just a sweet
little girl with a deep down joy. 
It's obvious to everyone you meet.  
Your Mommy and Daddy love you more
than you could EVER even begin to imagine.
You continue to be a little bit of 
Heaven on earth.  I cannot wait to see
what the Good Lord has in store 
for your super special sweet life.  

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snekcip said...

Perfect birthday party setting. I see you were "doing your thang" on the balancing beam!! You go girl!!!