Sunday, April 5, 2015

Walker is Baseball Ready

It was crazy that it was already 
time for BaSeBaLL!
Walker had NO break between
football, basketball or baseball!
I don't think he'd have it any
other way though.  

Baseball try outs were in mid-February.
There is a lot of build up and pressure
for tryouts for a 12 year old...
or actually for any age within
our Little League!  ha!

I had to take Hadlee and Hudson
to a birthday party so I didn't
attend try outs.  Plus my mommy
heart and nerves can hardly stand it.

The players get three pitches, two 
pop flies, and two grounders with
the coaches lined up on one side
and all the other players lined up on the 
other side.  Talk about PRESSURE.

Well, THiS guy?!??!!!!
How did he do?
He caught his pop flies,
stopped his grounders,
made great throws
AND hit all three pitches.

Not just "hit" though...
like SLAMMED ~
as in ALMOST over the fence
on two of them! They both
literally hit the fence!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought maybe Walker and Troy
were over exaggerating or kidding me,
but I heard about this from EVERYONE!
Walker and another boy were the
top two at try outs!!!
We have no idea if this will continue
through the season or what...
but we were so thankful for this
HuGe BOOST to Walker's confidence!
The kid works so hard and he 
deserved this!!!!!!!!!!!
He was so pumped!  
My main concern as baseball season
starts and all the pressure that comes along
with it is for Walker to feel good about
himself.  He's with a VERY competitive,
talented group of boys who pretty 
much play year round baseball
and we've decided for our family 
at this time, it's just not what we 
should do.  I love this sign I saw
on Facebook!  #TRUTH

Way to go at try-outs, Walker!!!

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