Thursday, April 16, 2015

My Actual 40th Birthday (:

Lordy, Lordy I'm Forty!
And I'm so fine with that.
Forty used to sound so old 
to me.  Now I'm there
and I'm loving it:)
I'm the one in charge of decorating
and writing on our chalk boards;)
but what a surprise when my sweet 
Haddie took charge of this! 
She & my little Huds were all
about decorating the board for mama!
Facebook makes any birthday 
a little more special hearing from
so many different, amazing people
in my life!!!  My inbox 
was going crazy that day:)
I couldn't keep up!!!
My three besties at school were
actually gone on my birthday...
two to a workshop and one
with a sick child.  
It was just Trey and me that day
and he surprised me with flowers!!!
AHHHH!  Love him so much:)
Then my sweet, beautiful Kristi showed
up with Starbucks for my team and me!!!
She is the absolute sweetest:)
But of course she knows me well enough
to know that I just like the Starbucks cups...
no coffee!!!  Mine had Dr. Pepper in it:)
I had to send this to her and others
showing off my Starbucks cup;)
I'm so silly at 40! 
 It was a really easy morning at school
so I spent it sending selfies and such;)
This was for Kelli G showing her
how I had on the new scarf from her...
and the darling gold Kendra Scotts
she gave me the night before! 
Even though my besties at school 
weren't there that day, they surprised
me with a gift certificate via e-mail
That afternoon Kristi showed up 
yet AGAIN with ANoTHeR
surprise!!!  A beautiful 
Kendra Scott necklace that I 
absolutely LOVE!!!!!!!!!!
It was such a great day:)
My mother and Hadlee did the 
sign in our yard! 
When Troy got home, they were 
so pumped for me to open my gifts!
In true Hudson style, they got
"pumped up" and made me do a 
"run through"!
I love them so much!
Why do I love "40" so much?
Because I have these three loves in my life!
Troy gave me a beautiful 
engraved necklace...
I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

The kiddos gave me my very, very 
favorite perfume!!!  It's such a splurge,
but I just love the smell so much!  :)
Then it was off to Walker's choir concert!
As I sat at Walker's choir concert,
I realized that there couldn't be 
a better way to be spending my birthday.
This is my life right now:
my husband and my children.
I am so thankful to be busy at 40
with a husband, kids, extended family
and many friends doing the same thing. 
I am thankful!
BUT I had no idea what was about to happen.
Walker's choir teacher dismissed the 
girls from the stage, but left the boys
up there.  Then she announced,
"Would Mindy Pierce please
 come to the stage?"
I immediately thought 'oh my, 
was I supposed to do something
for PTA for the choir? or has
Walker fallen off the bleachers?'
I get up on stage and Mrs. Petty
announces that it is a special
birthday and that the boys
have a song to sing for me!!!!!
WHAT?!?  What?!?
I was so completely touched!!!!!
Completely totally touched!
 This was so touching on so many levels.
First of all that my sweet, handsome boy
was on the top row grinning ear to ear singing
Happy Birthday to his mom with his friends!
 But also because I know and love most 
all of these boys because they are Walker's friends!
I have loved being a boy mom 
since the very day Walker was born!
It was the cutest thing EVER to me!!!
I couldn't even believe that
this had just happened!!!
The boys were absolutely precious!!!
Such sweet hugs from a super
awesome group of boys!
Then I find out that this was Troy's idea!!!
He & Walker had arranged this with Mrs. Petty:)
My family bestills my ever lovin' heart!
 My sweet hubs really pulled it off that night!
It was such a wonderful, sweet, special
and fitting surprise for my 40th!
I'll never forget those boys 
singing happy birthday to me!!!
I'm thankful that my Walker wasn't 
embarrassed over this, too!
He loved it:)
My heart was just overflowing that
night!  It was such a special day:)
We finished off the night at Freddy's.
Hadlee & I shared our favorite sundae!  :)
I absolutely loved all the cards I
received for my 40th, but I especially
loved these in particular..........
Sweet, Sweet Huddy...
Hadlee made this at school for me.
So cute and funny that she drew
"Kendra Scott" earrings and Stella and Dot;)
This girl knows her mama!
And from my gorgeous Kelli K...
"Officially a COUGAR" now;)
Sweet, beautiful RoRo and her family
sent me this AWESOME Kendras:)
I love love love!
Only wish I could have celebrated
with the of my fave fams! 
My birthday was perfect in every way. 
I felt so very loved!
I couldn't ask for more:)
In the months, weeks, and days leading up
to my 40th birthday, God kept placing
this verse from Luke 12:48 in my head 
and on my heart over and over again:
"to whom much has been given, 
much will be required."
I don't believe God has been doing this
to tell me how much He has given me
(and I'm not talking materially of course)
because all I have to do is look around me,
pick up the phone,
look at my texts, walk in my classroom,
see Facebook...
I have been blessed with THE 
most incredible family and friends
and students.  And I am SO undeserving!!!
But rather I think God is telling me
I better put this part of the verse in action:
"much will be required."  
My prayer is that in these next 40 years
I can and WiLL do more for others
especially in ways that take me out 
of my comfort zone and that I 
tell more people about Jesus.
It took something very tragic five
years ago for me to truly put my 
faith out there and that's a shame!  
My 40 years on this earth would
be NoTHiNG without Jesus. 
The Good Lord has blessed me and 
my heart is FuLL at 40.....
far, far from perfect,
but completely FuLL!

My actual birthday was mostly
spent with my favorite four...
Troy, Walker, Hadlee & Hudson:)
They are my 


Ashton and John's mom said...

I am curious what your favorite perfume is…you can't see in the picture! :)

Welcome to the 40 club! :) And you're right, it isn't so bad.

MLP said...

Hi there:)

It's Mademoiselle Chanel. I love the scent of it...just wish it weren't so pricey. My husband was in shock that perfume could cost that much. ha ha! I use it sparingly;)

Thanks for reading. I didn't even know anyone still read this blog! ha ha!

Ashton and John's mom said...

I read every single entry but, as you can see, hardly ever comment! :)